Hymie the Robot, Dick Gautier, RIP

Hollywood Reporter

Shirley the intercom, Sid the coffee machine, Trudy the noiseless typewriter, and Rex the elevator are mourning his passing.

Anybody have him?

Oh, my goodness! He was one of the masters (in that role) of absolute deadpan comedy. He was a great counterpoint to Don Adams’ over-the-top mugging.

NOW Things Are Rotten.

He also did a pretty good job playing Batman in this 1974 PSA, replacing Adam West, who didn’t want to be typecast.

and as Robin Hood, the star of When Things Were Rotten

Wow, I would have never noticed it wasn’t Adam West. He deserves a hand for that one.

Hard to believe he was in just six episodes of Get Smart.

“Shake, Hymie”

He was also the voice of Serpentor in the GI Joe cartoons.

“My father’s name was Hymie.”

…with Misty Rowe as Maid Marion! Did he?
My favorite Hymie line: Nice is nice but enough is enough!

Didn’t Hymie run a decathlon (in business suit w/tie and street shoes), then ask the high jump to be raised and then cleared it from a squat jump? Let’s see Batman do that!

It wasn’t a decathlon; it was a USA vs USSR track meet where a couple of spies sabotaged some of the American athletes, so they had Hymie enter the high jump (he raised the bar to 9 feet, then squat jumped over it) and the discus (he threw it like a Frisbee out of the stadium).

I dunno, but I woulda. Repeatedly. If allowed, for the rest of my life. :eek:

“Now competing in the high jump, for the West… Hymie?

“Shake a leg, Hymie!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, that scene cracked me up when I was a kid. Came into this thread just to mention it, but was beaten to it.

RIP, Mr. Gautier. :frowning:

Another fan of his work on When Things Were Rotten.

“Hymie, give me a hand.”
<unscrew unscrew unscrew>

His nephew went to my high school.

Another fan of When Things Were Rotten.

Totally. I had such a crush on Misty Rowe.