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I was reading the Pearl Harbor post by Hail Ants and I was worried that the movie was going to go the way of Titanic and Armageddon too. And then I thought back over the past few years to those much hyped movies like Star Wars 1. So can somebody name me a much hyped movie that was really good and lived up to the hype. And if you can’t just name a much hyped movie that … well … did not.

You know, Spartacus didn’t have the obligatory love story woven in. And that movie still rocks.

Are we talking about the same Spartacus? Y’know, at the end, when Sparty’s little lady is showing their baby to him as he hung on the cross?


Movie that lived up to the hype: I almost said Quills, but there was almost no hype for that movie, AND it would have lived up to the hype of all the summer movies combined.


If you’re talking from a strictly financial sense, then The Mummy Returns surely lived up to all the hooplah (largest first-weekend opening in history). I also think it lived up to the hype in terms of quality-of-movie, but I know many people will disagree with me on that.

In terms of quality, I found that movies like Apollo 13 and Goldeneye lived up to all the hype surrounding them. Although the other Pierce Brosnan “Bond” movies kinda faltered.

Yeah, I mean in quality. Titanic was a HUGE financial hit but the storyline was … well it wasn’t as great as its hype made it out to be.

Well, what I meant about Spartacus was that it wasn’t a love story set against this war, like Titanic is a love story set against this disaster. Also it wasn’t placed there to draw the teen girl crowd.

I actually liked Titanic. Yes the love story was story book simple but I can live with that. Plus I would like to add that anyone who thinks a movie can make 600 million domestic on teenage girls alone is nuts. That filmed played well to all age groups across the board.

Ameircan Beauty had it’s own type of hype and I think it lived up to it.

Schindlers List wasn’t ‘hyped’ like a big summer action film (Titanic was originally set for July 4th) but it lived up to it’s hype.
Does anything live up to it’s hype. Is a whopper really that good? Does Coke add life?

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You better believe that! The jet-powered blimp gave me physical pain. And if you ask me, the special effects were far better in the first movie. The only reason it made so much money is that it had been so long since anything remotely worth seeing had been released.

IIRC, the first Batman movie was both well hyped and well received.

Smeg: God, what was up with that blimp? When the hell did The Mummy Returns turn into The Adventure of Baron Munchausen? That movie was surreal, it was so bad.