Hypocrites regarding guns abortion

I cannot gut politicians that claim they are 100 percent “Pro-life” and A rated second amendment. Ugh! Hypocrites everyone of them.

You are right, you can not gut them. We have laws against that.

That is now a feature, not a fault. Accusing them of hypocrisy is about as effective as accusing them of having hazel eyes.

There are strangely similar parallels between the Guns/Abortion debates:

  • Belief that personal freedom is at risk, and wants Supreme Court protection for G/A
  • Opponents of G/A claim that they want to protect human life.
  • Perpetual efforts to pass laws to nickel-and-dime G/A out of existence.
  • Lawsuits to harass the providers of G/A.

Once you realize these politicians are simply moving their mouths in shapes that they figure their voters (and $$ contributors) desire… it makes more sense.

These politicians are not “pro-life”. They’re not even “pro-fetus” They are “pro-give-me-money”

Hypocrisy is the state of saying one thing but believing (and acting in accordance with) another.

Can you really be a hypocrite if you sincerely don’t believe anything?

I can think of an answer for that, but I won’t post it. I’ll go with suggesting different verbs for my outrage. Perhaps I should have said, “tolerate” “put up with” etc.? :wink:

Only the gun opponents are operating with a universally accepted definition of “human life”, though. The abortion opponents, on the other hand, are trying to stretch the concept of “human life”, in the sense of “human personhood”, to cover entities that most people don’t consider to be human persons.

Personally, I think the anti-abortion crusade seems more fundamentally related to the pro-slavery movement. In both cases, the highly questionable exaggeration of one right (in one case, the right of property ownership exalted to inviolability, even when the “property” in question is human beings; in the other, the individual human right to life attributed even to tiny clusters of fetal cells) is used as an excuse to ignore and deny the rights and well-being of enslaved people or pregnant people.

Anti-abortionism is also a lot like the Prohibition movement, in that it’s largely an organized moral panic about something that is claimed to be a catastrophic evil destroying our nation, but for which the alleged cure is doomed to be far worse than the disease.

In both cases, the moral panickers had a grain of valid dissatisfaction at the core of their authoritarian freakout (hey, alcoholism and alcohol-fueled violence are bad, just as unwanted pregnancies are bad). But in both cases, the absurdly draconian attitudes of the reformers meant that they ended up creating a lot more problems than they solved.

But surely the same logic could be thrown at those who are pro-gun control and pro-choice? Indeed I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this many times:

“You claim to care about kids being shot up at Uvalde, yet you don’t care about babies being killed in the womb?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-gun control and pro-choice myself (the critical thing is, I don’t believe an embryo is a “baby” from day 1 of pregnancy). But I don’t see a rhetorical win here.

Only somebody who believes that “the only purpose of guns is to kill people” could see any hypocrisy in both supporting guns and being pro-life.

Those of us who are whole-hearted supporters of gun rights know (A) there are several legitimate reasons to own & use guns; and (B) the non-lethal uses of guns far outnumber the lethal uses. Speaking strictly in terms of self-defense, most people who use guns for self-defense never have to pull the trigger.

I pit the OP for a lame, ineffective, and just plain ignorant rant.


The “hypocrisy” argument can and has been turned against pro-abortion rights advocates, and is similarly a loser.

I also wish (without any real hope of it happening) that abortion rights proponents would cease arguing that the other side wants to enslave women, or has other grotesque motives. I’m willing to accept that the vast majority see themselves as protecting human life at virtually any cost. They’re tragically wrong, but that doesn’t make them Evil.

Everyone feels a negative emotion when they hear other people telling them what they shouldn’t do, while the same others do it.

It’s like Caucasians moving to Hawaii and telling other Caucasians not to move there.

But hypocrites rarely recognize that they are hypocrites.

Yes, it’s a shame that a lot of discourse is about mischaracterizing the other side’s motives. As hinted in my last post, I’ve encoutered that a lot when sharing my views.
It doesn’t matter how many times I say it is not about any personal want to do anything, and that my opinion is that I don’t think the foetus is a “baby” at an early stage of development…they will still say “I just think it’s awful that you want to kill babies” regardless.

There’s also the fact that no one has ever held up a gas station with a fetus, they’ve never shot up a school with a fetus, they’ve never shot a 9 year old girl while trying to shoot someone else over $20 with a fetus.

True, but that’s because they value guns and fetuses more than actual people. Hence why it’s okay to shoot a 9 year old because someone else stole $20 from you.

Nah, anyone who sees guns being used to kill lots of innocent people, especially children, and the “pro-life” crowd say that they are okay with that, sees the hypocrisy that you openly display.

Just like with abortion there are compromises that can be made, and prior to the Dobbs decision, many compromises were made. These are the sorts of compromises that pro-gun advocates would never make. You think that a heartbeat means that there is a fully human life there that needs to be protected but you don’t believe that you have any responsibility to keep your guns away from the hands of children, or out of the hands of those who would do them harm.

Your rejoinder here was pretty pathetic, relies on specious accounting, and doesn’t actually address the OP or anything else, just a non-sequitur gun loving rant.

While they carefully place their gun right where a toddler can easily access it.

By that reasoning, I assume that you are in favor of outlawing automobiles. Otherwise, you would be guilty of that same hypocrisy.

If there was a specific kind of automobile that was equipped with slashing blades on the front, a flamethrower, cutting laser and other features designed exclusively to kill and maim pedestrians, then I would certainly be in favor of outlawing these specific models of cars, while allowing the remaining cars on the road (equipped of course with safety features to reduce harm to others) and regulating those cars with licencing, insurance, tracking and secure ownership records.

Groan… This old chesnut. Guns and automobiles aren’t the same.

Automobiles are fundamental to the continuing functioning of our society. Pretty much everyone uses automobiles every day, and if they don’t use them directly they rely on others who use them to get the goods and services they need. Guns are not required for a functioning society. Must people in the US don’t use or need a gun either directly or indirectly in their daily lives. You might as well try to argue that since obesity kill more people than drugs, if we are in favor of outlawing fentanyl we have to outlaw food.

Oh and incidentally, the outlaw care argument usually starts with the claim that “cars kill more children than guns so…”, but I guess you can’t say that anymore because in the last year guns actually killed more children than cars, or anything else for that mattter. You’ve got the leading fucking cause of death in minors, that has risen by 50% in the last 7-years and we can’t do a damn thing about it because it might impact someone’s hobby.

I’m willing to tell this particular vast majority that they’re fucking worthless cowards. Worthless cowards who stood by and watched their “great country” legalize the murder of 50,000,000 helpless babies, and didn’t do a single thing to save even one of those precious lives.

During the Civil Rights Era, black Americans took bigger risks to get a better seat on the bus than these spineless turds have done to save the lives of babies.

Of course, you and I both know the real reason these people stood by while millions of babies were being murdered…they know that fetuses aren’t babies. They’ll say that fetuses are real babies, but they don’t act like it.

There is one important distinction.
The right to guns is specifically written into the Constitution. That’s why they call themselves 2nd Amendment advocates. Abortion rights were manufactured by interpreting the preumbras of the 9th Amendment - please point out specifically to where the Constitution specifically gives a woman a right to an abortion. As Americans we can feel that the decisions of SCOTUS are wrong such as in Plessy, Wickard v Filburn, Dole v South Dakota, Kelo, et al.

So one could say gun ownership is a protected right and abortion is not and not be a hypocrite.

Bootb already knows all this, and is just trying to rewind the conversation back to the beginning just to watch us waste our time. You can inform this jackass 'till the cows come home, and the next time the subject comes up the same lame point will be trotted out as if for the first time.