hypothetical: Cosby commits suicide

The media has been doing well piling onto Cosby with all the allegations of rape and I’ve been thing about what type of ending they’d like to see happen. Him finally admitting guilt? Him just disappearing from public view?

The I wondered how the media might treat him and put closure to the whole thing if it was reported that he commited suicide. And with that there would be 3 hypothetical scenarios; 1) leaves no note, 2) leaves a note proclaiming his innocence and blaming the media for his demise, 3) leaves a note admitting his guilt and shame and apologies to everyone he hurt.

How would the media write his final legacy? A great talent that was ultimately undone by revelations of his own dark perversions?

Well, sort of.

Great talent who thought the rules didn’t apply to him and spent nearly 50 years systematically drugging and raping women.

Unfortunately, our society in general seems to think that a certain amount of this behavior is ok if you’re rich, talented, etc. I think that’s pretty fucked up, but there it is.

I think he’s proven himself a dangerous monster who should be removed from society.

Well, if we look at Michael Jackson we might have a clue.
Alive he was the butt of most people’s pedo jokes. Once he died, he was back to beloved pop star gone too soon.

I think people want to see him answering questions under oath even if it’s in a civil trial.

Which would be damn tricky if he killed himself. :confused:

I mean, we interrogate zombies here all the time, but the SDMB isn’t really good precedent for what happens in a court of law.

Jackson didn’t kill himself though. I think if Cosby committed suicide under the present circumstances it would be seen as a tacit admission of guilt.

But you figure he might admit guilt after killing himself?

The OP discussed various outcomes of the situation. Suicide was only one outcome that was mentioned. Obviously, appearing in court is a different outcome.

Bill Clinton has a long history of assaulting women. Ted Kennedy killed one. The Drive By media has fellated them for decades. Why would Cosby be any different?

I would not take pleasure, solace and comfort in Bill Cosby committing suicide.

Got arrested during a traffic stop, did he?

Exactly. Which is why I said what I said: responding to your post essentially arguing the hypothetical.

IMHO, the posted hypothetical (actually, the three hypotheticals, depending on the existence and content of a suicide note) is sufficiently interesting to explore without wishing for a completely different hypothetical (Cosby alive and on the witness stand).

Your hypothetical is also potentially interesting. It’s just a different hypothetical for (in a perfect world) a different thread.

Here is what I would like to see him do:

  1. Admit guilt, apologize.

  2. Give most of his wealth to those women, or charity or something. Live a modest life for his remaining days.

  3. Leave show business.

Until he does those things, I think it’s the right thing to do to pile on. If he commits suicide, so be it.

Very close to what I was going to post.

Except I’d have him split his wealth. Half in a trust for the victims and half to appropriate charities.

Then he and his wife (who claims she made him, so she can take the blame for what she made especially as she still going with consensual and even the accusation of Cosby with a 15 year old hasn’t phased her — yet when Mike Tyson went for one of their daughters, Cosby sent his lawyers after him and told him to get psychiatric help, but, hey, other people’s young daughters are fine for prey for this predator) live off social security for the rest of their lives. Maybe they move in with one of their daughters.

I’m right with your number 3.

Don’t really want to see him commit suicide though. I want to see him live without his wealth, his power and without the admiration and esteem he’s accustomed to. I want people to spit on the sidewalk when they see him coming. (Okay, I can’t go with actual spitting, but you know what I mean.) I want him to walk around in public in a cloud of dirty looks, interjections of “rapist” and other insults. Suicide’s too easy. His victims had to live with it — and I can’t imagine what it was like seeing your rapist publicly venerated and admired all those decades. I want Cosby to live with it for a very long time.

Not is my book. Still a scumbag.

No kidding, huh? Cosby’s suicide would be big news right up till the next mass shooting. Then its, “Cosby who?”. :rolleyes: