Hypothetical Legal Question (Parenting and Politics)...

Okay, I have been wondering something for a long time. To tell you the truth, it has even bothered me a little bit just thinking of it. And since I am a man of strongly-held political beliefs, not surprisingly it is a political question (kind of).

Let me explain my question in the following hypothetical example as simply as I can. Meet Simon Smith. He is 10 years old. And he was raised by his mother to the age of ten. Then suddenly, a court orders that he live with his father, Sam Smith, the rest of his childhood. Now, his mother was an ardent atheist. And that is how Simon was raised. That is how he strongly believes, in fact. But his father is a fundamentalist Christian. No, he tells his son, You are not to be an atheist anymore! From now on, you are a fundamentalist Christian. But I strongly believe the way I do, Simon protests. I can’t just change my views overnight you know. His father then considers his options, including harsh discipline.

My question is, How far could his father Sam go in a situation like this (legally)? Could he use (legal) force until Simon caves in? Remember in my example, Simon will never cave in. Also, I once heard in some places it is actually illegal for a child to disobey his parent or guardian. Could Sam invoke this law?

As to which locality (in the United States) where the law would apply, I am assuming it would be pretty uniform across the nation. But if you must have an example, lets say California and Georgia. I assume these two examples would provide any contrast of the laws, if there is any.

Thank you all in advance for your replies:)