Hypothetical Suicide

Okay, here you are walking alone down the street and God suddenly pops out of nowhere and says briefly “Your time has come. Choose your fate”

At this point you’re practically dead, but how would you want to go out?
And sorry if this offends anyone but I couldn’t think of a better scenario on which to ask the question.

Has the prize for most appropriate username been given out yet? :slight_smile:

Damn, now you got me wondering the same thing.

I understand this is not the easiest question to answer, so I will give my reasoning for asking, as well as my option.

Whenever I’m watching a movie with someone, or watching/reading the news, and someone happens to die, I sometimes hear “Wow, I’d hate to go out like that”. There is usually never any explanation behind it. So I always wondered if people would rather be given a choice on how they go out. Of course some people will say they just want to go out naturally and unknowingly, but some people would rather take the bullet, than be burned alive, should that be the case.

For myself, since I’ve never been to space or in a spacecraft, I think it would be interesting to be hop into a spacecraft and be shot into space. Then once I had taken it all in I could push the “little red button” and be blown to smithereens. That’s what I’d call going out with a bang.

I’d be pissed, and I’d say “Hey dickhead, if you’re so all powerful, you should already know this, so you just go ahead and make it happen your own damn self; don’t ask me for $hit”.

Stock answer: Old age.

I’d like to go in my sleep after perfect sex.

I’d like to be about 100 or so.

Some equipment failure connected with the Y10K bug would be near the top of the list.

Torn apart by hyenas would be near the bottom.

So God ages you 100 years in 3 seconds.

So God gives you the perfect orgasm and then ages you to 100 in 3 seconds.

So God recalculate our ways of counting the time and it’s now three seconds to the year 10,000.

I’m going to assume that my scenario would ensure that no bystandes are going to be injured by my demise. Having said that…

I’d like to drive a fast car - Ferarri or Lambourghini or somesuch - at a high rate of speed, on the Autobahn or similar twisty road, and then run right off the edge of a cliff high enough that I wouldn’t stand any chance at all of living through the impact. Perhaps I’ll fill the passenger compartment with gas cans to give any witnesses the standard fireball explosion that comes with movie crashes.

Great question, Epic! And I agree with ivan; your username is a fitting one. :smiley:

And the bad news is the 10 is binary. :wink:

It’d be cool if an alien spacecraft landed on me. I’m pretty sure I’d be the first to die that way.

Either that or skydiving. I’d aim at something.

I could only ask my tentacled master to devour me first.

Total annihilation by antimatter.

At age 93, shot to death by a jealous husband.


say “Sorry, not my God” and walk on by.

God ages you to 93 and gets you shot to death by a jealous (gay) husband becaue you’re in bed with his (gay) husband, all in three seconds.

Falling safe. And I wouldn’t call it suicide.

Instant unexpected (as in not an execution situation) decapitation.