I absolutely love this commercial

The first time I watched it, I thought it was cute but unremarkable.

Then I watched it again, knowing how it would end, and I saw what I missed the first time through.

It’s ALWAYS the brunette girl with the glasses he likes; she’s who he’s looking at every time.

OK, granted, not earth-shattering. But I like it when memes are averted and I’m fooled.

Boy, was I wrong.

After reading the thread title I was sure you meant the oo-da-lolly Android commercial, which I admit I love, and which makes Pepper Mill go “squee!”


I generally hate commercials, but that was very cute.

Good catch Bricker!

I wouldn’t have seen it either if I didn’t look at your spoiler first. A great commercial with a great premise. Good on ya Bright House

It took me a second viewing just to understand what the misdirection was supposed to be. The brunette was center frame in all of the shots, so I did not notice that the blonde in the foreground was important (or even that it was the same girl).

I was SURE he meant the Android commercial. Makes me go “squee!” too.

It’s like with my all-time favorite – the EDS cat herders

the details like the lint rollers and all that maybe you aren't forced to see really make it in the end.

I got totally fooled. It’s usually focus which leads the eye, and the blonde is clearly focused on in the three shots (especially with the second shot down the hallway–I didn’t even see the brunette there.)

In the hallway shot, he doesn’t look away until the brunette looks at him. Not really obvious until the second viewing when you know what to look for.


The sneezing Cat Herder!

I had the same reaction. A well-done commercial.

There’s a “rock monster” commercial - I think is hilearious - can’t find the commercial on youtube, but its ‘like a lead up’ to this short -

I’ve been snickering at the two Dollar Shave Club pieces that have been playing lately:
“I’m just grabbing some razors…”

“Ya, I don’t…sigh It comes with a free gift.”