I Accidently Avoided Jury Duty. Am I in Trouble?

In March last year I received a letter from the local courthouse telling me that I had been summoned for Jury Duty. It didn’t give a date or time, it said only to come at “the call of the court.” A little slip that came with the letter said “‘The Call of The Court’ means the court will contact you and tell you when to appear.” The court never contacted me, so I couldn’t go because I didn’t know when to go. Am I in trouble, even if this is The Court’s fault?

If they had needed you, they would have called, so you should be okay.

I’d call just in case.

Agree with **MBS ** on all points. If you did what the summons said to do (wait) then you probably aren’t in any trouble. But it won’t hurt to call.

You’re probably in no trouble if you contact them to explain/clarify the situation. If it turns out you made a mistake, they will most likely just allow you to reschedule.

It happened more than a year ago, though. Isn’t it kind of late to call? Or would I call to make sure that I don’t have a warrant out for me?

For all I know, the case was dropped and jurors were no longer needed.

You’d call for the same reason you posted. You just wanted to know. :wink:

Depends on how much in need of jurors your town is. In most places that use “the call of the court,” if they don’t call, then you are off the hook. In towns that assign you jury duty, and tell you to call the night before, skipping out will generally get you ignored the first time, fined the second and jailed the third. I’ve forgotten to call before, then just called the jury office and asked them to reschedule. Then I usually get released without having to go in.

I think that if you do call, you’d establish yourself as a good responsible citizen, concerned that you never were called to do your duty. In the event that a summons was sent and you didn’t get it, they’d probably just put you back in line to be summoned again.

I’m not sure about this, but I think that if you fail to respond to the first summons, they send the second in a registered letter that you have to sign for to make sure you’re getting your mail. If you sign for the second summons and don’t show up, they hold you in contempt of court.

This is what I was mostly worried about. I would have served if I had known when.

My advice would be to drop it and forget it. Every County has a different way of calling dudes for Jury duty, and from what you posted, it seems like they put you on notice that they might call- and then didn’t need you so didn’t call.

Just happened to me- got a jury duty notice- I checked the website dutifully every day (at times instructed), but my number never came it.So, my “jury duty” ended without them contacting me again as an individual, or me contacting a live person. (I didn’t even need to “sign in” on the website, I had a Juror #, and the website gave instructions to various batches of juror numbers). Oddly, a little while ago, the same thing happned to a freind- who didn’t know to “refresh” the webpage, so it stayed static on her computer. Thus her number was called, but she didn’t know it until afterwards! Nothing happened, but I do want to say that judges do issue warrents and fine dudes for this, so it’s not a good thing to do.

I would also guess that calling them, and getting a live person would be more difficult than you think, and you’d waste a good hour of that clerks day, all for nothing.

Seems like the court system would be responsible for that, though. Pages should be set to expire so that they automatically refresh. Otherwise every time you go to Fox News, you think that Michael Jackson did something with kids. (Okay, bad example).

I’ve never been called for jury duty, which of course means that now that I’m working out of the country I’m probably being summoned all the time. And I don’t even have any plane tickets as proof…

What if you call to establish yourself as a crackpot?

“Man, I’ve really been looking forward to finding someone guilty! Evidence? Shmeh. Fry 'im!”

I was called for jury duty. I appeared for the pool and was selected as and alternate.
To make a long story short, I was called back because one juror became ill. Another alternate was called in and she filled in.
Right. Then I was called in again and had to gear my mind back to the case which wasn’t easy.
It was a civil case and the good guy won, in my opinion.

As to the OP no, you aren’t in any trouble as long as you communicate with the county, state, whatever as to your status and availability.

I work for a judge at the Court of Common Pleas for the Commonwealth of Philadelphia. If my judge’s chambers sent out jury duty notices without specifics we wouldn’t expect jurors to contact us. We know people don’t like jury duty, which is why we are very official and conscientious about creating jury pools.