I almost hit the World's Stupidest Guy last night with my car

I assume Tapioca was referring to I-35 in Austin, since we both live in the city.

I think I drove by that scene. Was it on I-35 S between 15th-6th?
Mrs. AusTex looked over and saw a sheet draped gurney.
And has anyone else noticed that the number of cyclists on the road increases after Lance wins the tour? You are not all Lance Armstrong! Pedal your ass home please!

Of course if you are Lance, then this happens.

In a front page story [Dec. 15, 1998], the Austin American-Statesman reported that Michael Carter ran Armstrong and two cycling buddies off Volente Road near Lake Travis. After buzzing the cyclists with his car, the cyclists yelled at him. Carter then made a U-turn and aimed his car straight at them, throwing Armstrong head-first over his handlebars to avoid being hit.
Accidents are normally caused by idiots (and that includes us pedallers on occasion).

You know, here in the Boston area, wandering aimlessly through the middle of the street while looking at the taillights of cars that have already passed is probably the most common way of crossing a street. The worst, though, is women who use their baby carriages to “test the waters” while poking out between two large trucks parked along the road.

D’oh! Never mind.

You almost hit Duderdude2?

Confucius say:

Man who rollerblades in front of car get tired.
Man who rollerblades behind car get exhausted.