I almost hit the World's Stupidest Guy last night with my car

So I’m coming home from class last night around 9:30. It’s pouring rain. I see movement in front of me, and barely manage to swerve and not hit this guy. He’s rollerblading, and is obviously a novice, since he was wildly swinging his arms in an attempt to keep his balance.

So here’s the deal. He was rollerblading. At night. During a thunderstorm. In dark clothes. Across a major highway.

This guy needs to have his brain examined. Lucky for him I didn’t hit him, as I would have had to beat his ass for damaging my car.

Darwin liked black.

…Better luck next time.

No Darwin Award for that guy? He sounds like a serious contender, if not for a Darwin, at least as Hood Ornament of the Week[sup]®[/sup].

Someone needs to grill him about that.

Then there’s his bicycle-riding equivalent, narrowly avoided on a winding two-lane highway (speed limit 45 mph) while pedaling away in the center of the traffic lane.

Wearing headphones.

Great… so your REFUSAL to take one for the team means the rest of us AND our descendants now have to deal with the guy.*
Way to think about number 1 there :frowning:

  • maybe if you hit him then you’d get him before he reproduces.


Gee, why would the Secret Service let Dubya rollerblade after that Segway fiasco?

You’re right, I’m sorry. I bow my head in shame and remorse.

So you’re posting about a miss. That is not a rant, that is crying.

Now, now. Perhaps he didn’t wanna damage his vehicle. Even a stupid person can seriously damage an automobile by bouncing off of it at a great velocity.

And ghod help you if he rolls over the hood and punches through the windshield.

I can think of lots better things to carve on my tombstone than “Killed By Accident By An Idiot.”

FWTW, this guy was jogging across a freeway on ramp tonight in North Hollywood. A very dark freeway onramp.
His only mistake was a white collar on his back shirt, I saw that just in time to slam on the brakes and stop before he damaged my new car.

He sounds like the close relative of the young woman the other day who walked along the side of the road waiting until I was less than 10 feet from her to step two large steps out into the road. Had to swerve, pray there was nobody in the other lane, and narrowly missed her, as did the person behind me.

What IS it with these idiots and their death wishes lately???

Sounds like the guy that decided it would be a good idea to jog down the secluded, windy, rural back road at night.

Missed him by that much! <—>

Good thing he had couch-potato-white legs and was wearing shorts, else he would have had a flying lesson.

Um…I think you may be giving him too much credit by assuming he had a brain in the first place.

I swear the people in my neighborhood think it’s fun to cheat death.

Why use a crosswalk when you can just run across a busy street wearing dark clothing at night? Instead of crossing a street at a corner, why not move juuust far enough down that you’re obscured by the trees and not immediately visible to any cars turning the corner?

I saw the evidence of this on Wednesday - a body bag on I-35. Directly below an overpass. :frowning:

  • Tapioca, whose bike lights make the sun look dim.


I-35 in which state

<end hijack>

I think I know this guy.

I was driving on Mines road (crazy two lane windy mountain road)a month or so ago, going around a blind mountain shoulder turn, when lo and behold some moron is riding his bike in the middle of the road. Fortunately for my car, I was able to slam on my brakes in time, and keep my car from going off the edge on the hairpin turn. After honking at the moron to pull over so I could pass several times, I was forced to pass him by going into the other lane of traffic. Thankfully that road doesn’t get much traffic. Moron seemed confused by the whole affair.

Actually, it was route 50 in northern Virginia.