Tell us about the last moron you nearly hit with your car or bike

Inspired by trying to leave work today…

Sadly, there are a lot of bad drivers out there. And bikers. Hell, there are even a lot of bad walkers. Who is the most recent fool in a car, on a bike, or on foot who implicitly trusted that you cared more about whether they lived or died than apparently they did themselves?

Here’s my tale.

To set the scene, I work in a long building that shares a medium sized parking lot with two smaller buildings that face us. Both sets of buildings have some spots near the doors, and then there are three rows of parking spaces, all of which can be pulled through. One side of the lot is adjacent a road with two wide entrance/exits (neither is one way), one is between the first and second rows of parking, the other between the second and third row, so just a couple of hundred feet apart.

I was parked in the first row, towards the far end of the row. A big old John Deere green pickup truck was parked at the other end of the row. I swung around the end of the row and headed towards the exit between rows 2 and 3, and several seconds later the big old truck headed towards the exit he was very close to. He was going slow and had his turn signal on and was beginning to angle towards the exit, so I didn’t pay him much attention.

At least not until he reached the first exit, suddenly straightened, and floored it so he could turn out the exit I had by then almost reached. Fortunately I reacted quickly and stomped the brakes in time to* just barely* avoid hitting him.

For fuck’s sake, why the hell did he suddenly decide that he needed to go out the other exit?! They’re not one way! They’re at most 200 feet apart! And he’d already begun to turn out the first exit!

Anyway, that’s the last moron to suddenly decide to put their life in my hands. You?

About 20 minutes ago, actually.

I live on the edge of town. The streets are paved but there are no streetlights. Coming home I came around a shallow curve in the street and there was some dumbfuck wearing black pants and black hoodie wandering down the street in the opposite lane. Thankfully I had my highbeams on and spotted him in plenty of time to slow down quite a bit–not that I was going fast to begin with. Still, he was walking with this kinda jerky motion and I’m sure he was high on something. I passed him with about 18 inches between us.

I didn’t nearly hit somebody. I was nearly hit.

I was driving this afternoon and I came to a four way intersection. The light was turning red as I approached the intersection so I stopped.

The light then turned green for the other road. There were cars in both directions and as it happened the cars on both sides were turning on to the road I was on.

The car to my left had the right of way (from their perspective they were making a right turn). The car on my right did not (they were crossing a lane and making a left turn).

But for some reason both cars started to make the turn at the same time. Which meant there were two cars both trying to turn into the same lane at the same time. Which obviously was not going to work. As it turned out, both cars were able to swerve enough to avoid the collision (and the car on my left, which had the right of way, gave way).

As I said, I was waiting at the light. This near collision occurred right next to where I was. If the two cars been a little less responsive there would have been a collision and they would have almost certainly would have ended up hitting me as well. As it was the nearer car swerved really close to me.

I drive to work before dawn. I once nearly hit a bicyclist, as I began to cross an intersection, after stopping at a stop sign. The bicycle was black and had no light or reflectors, The cyclist was black, and was wearing dark clothing, and going the wrong way down a one-way street. Good thing I have fast reflexes. I’m sure I would have got the blame if I’d hit him.

Do deer count? They are morons.

Going in to work one morning before dawn, turning into an intersection, I nearly hit a dogwalker wearing dark slacks and coat, walking one dark-colored dog and two white dogs. If it weren’t for the white dogs, which made me brake, I would never have seen them until they were right in my headlights in front of the car.

I still see this person sometimes out walking his dogs when I leave in the early morning hours, still wearing his dark coat, but at least he isn’t out in the middle of road ready to be run over.

I was a passenger in a car travelling along the slow lane of a UK motorway (US = freeway) at 55 mph (speed limit = 70.)

Approaching a slip road (US = entrance road), a cyclist suddenly pulled out in front of us.
Fortunately the driver had considered this possibility; had checked the middle lane was clear and was able to swerve swiftly across one lane (also blowing the car horn to alert everyone.)

Things the cyclist did wrong:

  • it’s illegal to cycle on a motorway
  • the cyclist didn’t look to see if it was safe
  • the cyclist was wearing headphones (undoubtedly listening to music, because they couldn’t didn’t react to the horn)


Perhaps they don’t have road safety classes for deer? :confused:

I am constantly amazed at how many people apparently don’t have enough sense and self-awareness to NOT sit halfway out of their cars with the door wide open when parallel parked on a busy street, or just throw their door open into traffic while parallel parked. Sooner or later I’m going to take off somebody’s door and it’s going to be their own damn fault.

This. My drive to work is 13 minutes, mostly between 20 and 35 mph. I rarely make the journey without seeing deer, and I swerve/brake to avoid hitting one every week or two.

Yesterday morning!

At this time of year, it is still dark when I drive to work. I was approaching right an intersection to turn right in a right hand turn lane separated by a concrete median, when I noticed a slight flicker in the approaching cars’ headlights. An idiot cyclist on a dark bike in dark clothing crosses the intersection using the road and then onto the median and through the crosswalk in front of me and onto the sidewalk.
It was luck that I spotted him. Even if he’d had lights (which he didn’t) they would not have helped at the angle at which he cut me off.

Around here bikes are to use the roadways and must follow the same traffic rules as all other vehicles. They are not to ride on sidewalks or use crosswalks. In fact, this road he was on has a dedicated bike lane!

pedestrians who wait to cross the street in the street instead of just standing on the corner.

I had a suicidal squirrel today somehow survive its attempt to end its life via me. I didn’t hear a thump and I saw it scamper away, so it’ll live to do it again another day.

I see a LOT of people wearing dark colors jaywalking. There are lots of crosswalks around. Just don’t. When it snows in a month or two, the black clothes don’t blend as much but right now it’s nighttime camo, you dam fools.

The last time I was actually hit by a bicyclist.

6:30am. Main drag of town, a 6 lane divided road. I pull into Del Taco to grab breakfast. I get my order and exit towards the street at about an 11 o’clock angle. I glance to the left to check for oncoming traffic (almost none at that hour, going against the commute). As I pull across the sidewalk into the street my truck gets slammed into by a bicyclist going hell bent for leather downhill, on the wrong side of the road, on the sidewalk. His bike turns into Modern Art and he picks up a serious case of road rash as he tumbles over my hood and down the street. Cops were there in minutes and ticketed him for a half-dozen traffic violations as they let me go on my merry way.

My route to work takes me down a two-lane road in deepest suburbia without a center line or other markings. It has no sidewalks or shoulders. During the morning commute in late fall and depths of winter, I travel it in darkness.

There’s a woman who on most mornings takes a walk down that road. Even though she wears a reflective vest, she’s not visible until you’re 50-100 feet away which is scarcely enough time to react, compounded by the potential problem of dodging both her and a car coming the opposite way which happens to be a bit left of center.

Sooner or later I fear someone is going to hit her or be involved in a head-on collision trying to avoid hitting her.

We got a bunch of damned scooter companies here in San Antonio and I think they passed a city ordinance that you must ride them at night, after drinking, with clear and total disregards to both law and convention.

I was the moron, in my car, in the dark, after a long-ass day and a 90 minute commute.

Guy was just crossing the street, minding his own business. I didn’t see him, like at all.

Didn’t hit him, thank Kdapt. But only missed him by about two feet. I deserved the finger I received, a thousand times over.

I have to drive so slow at dusk the ones I see are ok. It’s the ones I don’t see that are the morons. They are out to kill me. It’s a deer conspiracy. I haven’t had a 3 year period in the last 20 or 25 that I haven’t had deer vs. car event. I’m in the middle of the 3rd year since my big bad wreck where I hit 2 at once. My number is up. I am being extra careful. Cross your fingers I get through deer season without dying.

It baffles me how many pedestrians and bicyclists wear dark clothing, and bicyclists with no or inadequate lighting and reflectors, cross streets willy-nilly and unsafely and expect you to see them. And my eyesight is pretty good (or I know several with poorer eyesight).

Darwinian behavior.

My commute (on bike or car) takes me on a main drag (35 mph) between a dorm and classroom buildings.

Students just wander across the six lanes, sometimes barely being missed by fast-moving traffic. I swerved to avoid a suburban rastafarian, and got the finger. I stopped and yelled “If I’d hit you, you would’ve learned a more practical lesson in one second than you will in four years here!”