I almost passed out today

My co-workers and I decided I should dye my hair. A nice dark red. We bought the dye, I got my hair snipped, and had my SO help me color it.

I put it on and was standing clamly in the tub, watching the SO wander in and out to check the timer, when all of a sudden, my stomach started to churn and I thought I would vomit. Two seconds later, I felt like I wasn’t getting any air. My SO opened a window, and starting dragging a fan into the bathroom. I had managed to turn the shower on to wash the goop out, but had to sit down when I saw spots in front of my eyes.

So, there I am, sitting in my tub with red hair dye all over the place. I did manage to finish the dying process, and my hair is now a pretty red, but I don’t think I’ll attempt that again very soon.

You are lucky you didn’t hit your head on the ceramic tile falling down fainting. I once passed out in the bathroom at the age of 14 (it was health related, I wasn’t feeling well, not alcohol or drug related), and I didn’t know I fainted till I woke up. I fainted backwards into the bathtub. My brother yelled and pounded on the locked bathroom door when he heard me fall asking if I was alright, which made me conscious. I had hit my head, but fortnuately some part of me cushioned my fall, and I didn’t damage anything inside my head, that I know of. Your story made me recall this incident.

I used to faint all the time (health related). I have injured myself badly sometimes, including having my teeth bust through my upper lip, and cracking my head on a cement floor. I once even fainted while driving, but managed to pull over to the side of the road before I completely lost conciousness.

It’s definately not fun. Hopefully, this will be the only time it happens to you.

i’ve fainted a couple of times.
once was a combination of formalin fumes while dissecting, and a dose of 'flu.
trust me, when you are dissecting a cadaver, try to faint BACKWARDS.
you might be coming down with a virus or something, and the dye fumes just triggered something (like me and the formalin), or maybe just the fumes by themselves if your bathroom isn’t well ventilated.

Was there ammonia in the dye? That stuff is the reason I almost never dye my hair–it makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

I almost fainted when I was 16. I was standing in a public library reading a book about mononeucleosis (sorry if I spelled it wrong) when I noticed that there were increasing numbers of black spots in front of my eyes and they were getting larger. I realized what was happening and, remembering some first aid lessons from Girl Scouts, dropped down on my knees and put my head against the floor. After a few seconds I recovered and felt fine. I don’t know what caused it and it has never happened since.

Nah, there was no ammonia in it, just water and alcohol.

And I have heart conditions which means I’ve fainted often, so I know how to not do it. I have a scar over my eye where my glasses cut it. It just seemed unusual to faint from hair dye.

I fainted in a hair salon. Felt sick, thought “hmm, too many pints last night” stood up, took six steps I don’t remember and wiped out the manicure table.
The nice ladies in the salon have held a grudge against my husband for the past five years because they didn’t like the way he reacted. (calm, cool and collected) They felt that meant he didn’t care.

I’ve never actually fainted, but I do manage to pull off a lot of almosts.
A few of times it was when I was while I was kneeling on the alter steps as an alter server. Turning sheet white and stumbling back to your chair in front of several hundred people is a slightly embarrassing experience for a teenage male to go through and the sheer number of people that have to come up to you afterwards to tell you how white you looked doesn’t help the experience. Also, having to fall out of formation rather than kiss the cement during drill formation in high school and the general ribbing that accompanies such isn’t that much fun either.