I am a bad person (getting Beavis & Butthead over a gay Nashville songwriter)

I am pro gay rights, gay marriage - the changes over the past decade are important and great to see.

I am pro songwriter - writing the songs is where it all starts in music, so if someone is behind the scenes as a songwriting engine, making the music go, I have a deep respect for them.

I am excited to hear that Nashville/Country music has open, well-known gay songwriters who are simply going about their business - part of the changes in the past decade I mention above. So great to see.

But…when the gay Nashville songwriter’s name is Shane McAnally, I can’t help but choke down a stifled giggle. “McAnally” - snort!

I feel like I am about 12 years old, and keep coming up with half-finished jokes about McDonalds updating their Value Menu…

I am a bad person. I suspect Shane goes about his business and this is a non-issue, but when his sexuality is the featured topic - see the article from Entertainment Weekly below - that last name kinda jumps out to me…

Article in EW about Shane: http://music-mix.ew.com/2013/11/20/shane-mcanally-playlist/

His name used to be Shane Buttafuco so McAnally was an improvement! (just kidding of course)

Whoa. I’m officially an adult – read the whole article and didn’t even notice it. :frowning:

I’ve always tripped up over that name. For one thing, I’m never sure exactly how it should be pronounced, so I always stop and run over the options when I see it. My interior joke is that it’s the Scottish clan that invented suppositories.

I don’t think B&B can read so I think the joke would be lost on them.

But YOU…tsk tsk :slight_smile:

If you’re a bad person for giggling, then I’m on the express train to Hell.

It gets worse, if you can imagine. And by “worse,” I mean, “funnier.”

The Washington Post had an article recently (November 5) about McAnally’s use of…uh…promoters for his new music.

These promoters are called “pluggers.”

The song they’re currently flacking is titled: Fuzzy.

Yes. McAnally’s pluggers want you to get Fuzzy.

edited to add: a link.

I’m assuming it’s pronounced MACuh nal ee.

Fun sucker.

Oh god, they cannot be that clueless. NO ONE can possibly be that clueless.

Can you imagine the torment this poor guy went through in school?

For the win, sir/ma’am!

Of course, McAnally’s gonna need pluggers! And I bet those pluggers need a wide base, so they don’t disappear…

…of course, by that I mean that they represent a specific demographic base, so they are identified as someone who can sell songs to specific groups and not get lost in the various radio formats, right? :wink:

Could be worse… his first name could be Dick.