I am a rock/paper/scissor god!!!!!!!

I have been pretending to be mortal for to long the strain is showing and so I must now admit that when I play rock/paper/scissor I am a god amongst men. Now you may be asking yourself, “Self what proof does this hubris filled mortal have of such skill.” I have the most common proof of divine intervention. anecdotal. Last year a female friend and I were playing strip rock/paper/scissor and I won. 18 times in a row (she was wearing alot of clothing). Then when she complained of losing 18 times in a row I lost on purpose 9 times in a row. Besides that I have won money, candy, and computer parts from my ability. Right before shoot leaves the lips of my lips the lord from up high tells me what will happen. This only happens when the stakes are high i.e. clothing, candy, spare change. But when it does happen I AM GOD! And afterwords to console the broken husk of a person who has just been smote I tell them my sig. I just needed to tell someone.

That should read …Besides that I have won money, candy, and computer parts with my ability.

Okaaaay… hope you haven’t got access to any sharp instruments where you are… :slight_smile:

I challenge you, come on BRING IT!

And what stakes are you prepared to lose besides your sense of pride?

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

On second thoughts I’d better not, lest you smote me and leave me an empty husk of desolation and despair. :slight_smile:

I think there was a rock paper scissors championship tournament in Toronto this weekend.

I think

oops, time to go up to about this message board and figure out what those other buttons do, I wanted the one that puts the words in a really small font… sorry.

I’d like to add a comment to the following Straight Dope staff report


In it, the writer wondered about what hand signals Indonesian use for their variation of rock paper scissors, which involves an elephant, a person and an ant. Well the elephant is your thumb, the person is your forefinger and the ant is your little finger.

PS. I thought that instead of creating a brand new thread, I could just use one that already exists. I hope this is not a bad practise.

I wonder how you’d do at Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

Or perhaps you’d like to challenge a fellow doper.