I am America

That’s right folks, if you want to know the average American, here I am.

According to a poll posted on CNN.com , Wisconsin is the most ‘representative’ state in the union.

So, since I am just about precisely in the middle of the average expected lifespan, and am solidly middle-class, and I live in Wisconsin, I conclude that I am the average American. Please don’t tell al-Qaeda.

If this is average then I’m glad I’m not there!


*We’re number 47!

We’re number 47!

We’re number 47!*


Well then SUIT UP!

Remember, gloves & accessories are extra!


Hey now Sense, just think of all the money pollsters would save if they just asked the two of us for our opinions!

I’m glad the average American knows who August West is.

  1. Massachusetts 11.6


According to that list, Montana and Virginia are tied, Kentucky and New Mexico are tied, Iowa and Texas are tied, and Maine and New Hampshire are tied, yet they put them in alphabetical order and just number them.

Sure, he’s the one who loves his Pearly Baker more than his wine. Everyone knows that.

I’m from Missouri. We need to be just a little more average and we’ll have Wisconsin beat!

Probably just get a few more people to become Lutheran and we’ll have it.

well damn, Maryland is right down in the 30 range with Colorado. It’s nice company, but we really need to work on getting more freaky.

Ah, so you’re the average American? Fair enough…



runs up and whacks you in the back of the head with a two-by-four Damn you!


Heh. 48. I knew not owning a car would pay off someday.

I’m an Ohioan, and we only narrowly missed the “Most Average” designation.

Believe me, I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it…

Good morning, America, how are you?

I take it that your Mom is gonna hit August West for back child support, huh ShibbOleth?


With >1600 posts under your belt, I’d think you’d know there’s only one way to title a thread like this:

“Ask the Average American”.

So, America, did you name your horse yet?

Pfft… conformist.