I am currently listening to the funniest stupid user conversation I've heard in month

As some of you know I now work in a small office and I’m listening to a conversation between two co-workers that makes me absolutely furious while at the same time has me practically rolling on the floor laughing in tears!!! Just so you can follow this, CSI is a 3rd Party Custom Customer Service Database. This conversation is taking place between our Chief Systems Engineer(Masters Degree), and a Client Services Rep(2 Bachelors degrees)
CW1: They still haven’t got your pc working?

CW2: No, now they’re saying that CSI wont work on Windows 2000.

CW1: Well that doesn’t make any sense…with Office2000 anything that worked on 97 should work with 2000.

CW2: Yeah, exactly, and it works on my laptop here that has Office 9(OS is NT 4)

CW1: Those computer people just dont know anything do they?

CW2: Obviously not, I mean if it works on the laptop with Office 97 (OS is NT 4) but it doesnt work on the desktop(OS is Win2000/NT5) then they did something wrong.

CW1: Well yeah because Office2000 like has Office97 built in and it should work with anything that Office97 did.

CW2: Exactly!

CW1: So what are they doing about it?

CW2: Well they’re checking with CSI to see if there is a way to merge the CSI records with the 2000 so it will work like it does with 97.

CW1: You know those people at the Helpdesk just think they know it all. Computers just arent something you can go to school for, you have to keep up with it and learn new things everyday so you stay up to date.

CW2: Yeah it just changes so fast.

CW1: Yeah and they’re all just control freaks anyway…they probably just don’t know how to fix it and are making excuses about Office until someone figures it out for them.

CW2: Yeah.
Ok…this is fucking hilarious because the CSI program operates completely independent of any Office program period. The problem that the Helpdesk mentioned was a problem with integrating CSI into the Windows 2000/NT 5 environment and some king of program allocation error that is keeping it from running like it does with NT 4.

These two coworkers have gone off on a 15 minute tangent concerning the competence and ability of our IT people when they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about, in fact, they demonstrate their stupidity even more by reffering to Office showing that they have no idea of the existence of the OS and that being the source of the problem.

Being one of these “Computer People”, my first impulse was rage, however the more I listened the more I realize, fuck em…this is good shit to post at Ars and even though I could patch their system and fix the problem in seconds…I’d prefer to copy the IT dept. on this thread and let them decide how long they’re going to stall NOW, while “someone else figures it out for them.” :wink:

And you “non-computer” people wonder why we hate you?

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I mean to post at MPSIMS…

God I gotta start editing my posts!

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Damn! I read that first part about three times going “Wait! What am I missing? What does Office have to do with whether or not something will run on Win2K?” then I realized that’s your point, SkySlash. Sheesh. I’m so glad I never have to talk to users…

Slashy baby!

We dallas dopers all thought you just evanesced into a cloud of bliss and floated away. When are you coming to another meeting?

Troy, my man…I posted a return of Slash thread a few days ago…its around here somewhere in the pile of unwanteds I think.

I’m sure I’ll make another one someday! I’m moving up to Preston and Frankfort right off the Tollway so I’ll be a lot closer to everyone soon enough.

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