I am doomed to forever has bosses and coworkers who look like famous people

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I realized this the other day as I met another of of my coworkers at the place I work for this summer (lip balm factory.) A short list of celebrity look-alikes I have worked with:

Summer job in 2002: My immediate supervisor looked like a younger, gayer, aliverer, John Ritter (tough I don’t think he had actually died at that point, but right now he looks more alive.)
The “boss” boss looked like Vince McMahn (head of the WWE, or maybe just a performer who is paid to pretend to be the head of ther WWE.)

First “real” job, 2004-2006: My immediate boss looks like Steve Carrell plus ten years. One of my coworkers looks like the guy who invented the ‘jump to conclusions mat’ in “Office Space.” The guy who was in charge of one of the software packages we had to use looks a lot like Tony Shalub. And the head of the company looks EXACTLY like Ed Harris.

My current job: One of the machine operators looks like John Favreau, and an independant consultant who is sort of now my boss for a special summer prohect I was given, looks like a cross between Alan Alda, and that skinny kid from Road Trip. He also sounds just like Alan Alda.

If you ever have a boss that looks like Audrey Tautou, please pass on my phone number. I figure it’s only a matter of time.

During a consulting gig at Enron, I had a boss who looked just like Mel Gibson.

Earlier, I worked with an Army guy who looked very much like an earlier Robert Conrad…like back in his “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” series days.

…come to think of it, he behaved like the character did, too. We got along famously.

Not a boss or coworker, but I have a friend who is dating the 20-years-younger clone of Trent Reznor. She is a huge NIN fan, so this is very much a good thing for her!

The Captain of my last ship while I was in the Navy was a spot on double for Sean Connery.

For a couple years strangers kept saying I looked like Clint Black. Maybe thats why when I walked into stores after only one visit, and maybe a year in between they’ld say you were here last year.

I worked with a number of people that I match up with celeberties. Gargamel from the Smirfs. Gonzo from the Muppets. Cindy Lauper, and I can’t think of the others right now.