I am drunk on the West Coast

First, six free Coronas at a reception/dinner here at the hotel. Then a bunch of us went out, we all had two shots of tequila on the house and then I had 2 large and strong margaritas. Then I came back to the hotel and had 3 whiskey sours at the pub here. it’s about midnight, and I am feeling good. And, I’m connecting to the internet through my TV. that’ s pretty crazy. The downside of that is I can’t use return, 'cause it’ll bump me out of this text box, so it’s all got to be one big paragraph. Also, the infrared sensor from this keyboard sucks, so every two minutes or so I’ve got to struggle to regai na connection. So, I jus twanted to say, it’s Monday night, I’m in San Diego, I’m drunk, I’m happy, and I love you all. I’m definitely an affectionate drunk, and I’d probably be hugging you right now if you were here. Well, off to bed with me, 'caues I’ve got a seminar at 9 tomorro wmorning. Goodnight all, and I hope you’re as happy as I am.


Hope you have some aspirin handy for the morning.

No you’re not. This is just a TV show about the Straight Dope. You were actually typing gibberish and you just think that the words appearing on your screen came from you. That’s why you thought you were losing the IR connection from the keyboard.

Still don’t believe me? OK, nobody can drink that much and spell as well as you do. If you were really typing, all your wordsch would be schlurred.

Drink some water before you go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I gotta deal with construction crews jackhammering the concrete floor above my head for six months, and **Eonwe’**s the one getting free beer.

Something’s wrong here fellas.

:: clangs a metal spoon on a big ol’ saucepan ::

So, how ya feelin’ this morning???

Sounds like Eonwe had more fun hanging out with non-Dopers in San Diego than he did with Dopers. He’ll pay for it tomorrow though.

What I want to know about is six free beers and two free shots. What’s going on there?

Congrats to you, Eonwe, and keep up the good work!

Got up bright and early on Tuesday morning. I tried to post through my TV, but it was having some problems. I wrote a relatively long post, los , ped it again, lost it… grr. I gave up.
Man, I love being able to wake up feeling great after a relatively, um, indulgent night. Well, the conference is over, so no more free booze until next year.

After reading your thread, this line…
“I tried to post through my TV, but it was having some problems.” just cracks me up. (bolding mine)

Hi Eonwe, glad you came through relatively unscathed. It was nice visiting with you and I hope you had a great trip.


Oh man, I can’t drink the West Coast anymore. One night in college, I got soooooo drunk on the West Coast that I was puking for hours. One of my friends says if you mix West Coast with some grapefruit juice and salt, your hangover won’t be so bad. Maybe I’ll try that next time.