I Am Evil E-V-I-L

I found out last night.

We were talking about holiday traditions and when I shared one of mine, a woman told me that I am evil and cruel and that she never thought I was that kind of a person.

My tradition:

Every year I have photo Christmas cards made up. They are a picture I took in the last year, usually of a nature scene or my dog.

At Christmas time I choose a state and then pick the name of a couple (“Reynolds, Burt and Loni”) from the phonebook. I then have a woman with good handwriting write the following on the card and mail it.


Things have been pretty good with us and we haven’t seen you for such a long time. We will be coming through this summer hope we and the kids can spend a couple of days with you. Looking forward to it,


Am I evil?

Mildly annoying, perhaps, but I wouldn’t say this gets you your union card.

If you were to follow through, however, and actually crash their place for a few days, leaving the poor schmucks to politely put you up and entertain you for a bit, all the while leaving them wondering who you are and where you came from…

My cousin? I thought he was your cousin.”

[sub]Bonus points, and free induction into the yearly henchman lottery if you clog more than one toilet, or one toilet more than once, during your stay.[/sub]

Evil? Nah.

Evil would be to send people Christmas cards from dead relatives.

Sign them with: Having a warm time. See you soon.

Your going to burn in hell, sinner.

Hastur, if I may, an alternative (on a wicked little idea)

Thank you for quoting from my favorite Alice Cooper album!:slight_smile:


<composes herself> <cough> Erm, evil, yes - I have to agree. Totally evil of you.


Do the people ever try to contact you? I would! By the way, this is not evil. It’s pure genius!

Genius? How so?

Well, it’s going to stay in their brain for a long time (as intended, I’m sure). It’s harmless, but just gets under your skin. The perfect prank!

I don’t put a return address on the envelope.

Definately NOT evil. Very, very amusing.:smiley:

I love this idea and I think I’m going to adopt it myself.

I think the first phonebook I should peruse is …

Helena, Montana! Yeah, that’s the ticket :slight_smile:

I bet you steal people’s lawn ornaments, take them on trips, and then send back pictures of the ornament in various places, before returning it a year or two later. :smiley:

Czarcasm, how the hell do you pick just one as your favorite?

[sub]Yeah, I’m buyin’ 'em all again as Rhino re-releases 'em all remastered and prettied up, on CD.[/sub]

Nope. Not even remotely close.

Evil is stealing baby jesus from the nativity scene, then returning it the following year, painted up like Gene Simmons from KISS.

Evil is joining in your neighbor’s Christmas scenes and violating the shephard’s sheep.

Evil is taking the gold jesus ornament and putting it under a disco ball ornament.

Evil is hitting all of the buttons on all of the chicken dance Elmos at one time at Wal-Mart. And then running away.

Evil is using dental floss as a stocking stuffer.

Not that I’ve ever done such things or recommend trying any of them

And see this is where you are missing a bet. What you want to do here is to pick another person out from the phone book and use that as a return address. Makes for a more legitimate looking card, and could add to the foibles if the first person attempts to contact the second.:smiley:

Tuckerfan, have you seen Amélie? The girl does that to her father with his garden gnome. Yay lawn ornament escapades!

Ghandi, Sheep? Shame on you!
::whisper:: Keep it up, you amuse me!

[Dave Nelson] I am now, for lack of a better word, …pure evil. [/Dave Nelson]

Seriously though, that sounds like fun!

Nope, never saw it. I did see a news report about someone this had happened to a few years back. (No doubt where the screenwriter for Amélie got his/her inspiration from.)