I am friendless

Well the personal problems I have had of late have just gotten wors, and again (after withdrawing from my social circles in a fit of depression after all the crap that happend to me last year) I find I have no one to talk to when the shit hits the fan, so I turn to the boards here.

How pathetic is that?

This is not a pity thread for everyone to come on and lift my spirits. What I really need right now is someone to talk to, but it’s 11:45 in St Louis, too late for me to call anyone here that I know.

I already posted about my parents splitting up - I found that out yesterday. In that thread I think I mentioned problems with my GF (I’m sure everyone remembers Tigress). Today I got proof that she is cheating on me. I’ve already called in to work to take a couple personal days off, so Shayna, if you read this, please call me at my home number, you were so sweet to call last night BTW.

Sorry to bum everyone out with my pathetic loser ramblings.

Ron, no you’re not friendless. Give me a call, or I can call you. Email me and let me know which you prefer, and your number if you want me to call you. I’ll be up a while.


BratMan, I am awake and at work where all I do is internet and talk on the phone. If you want to call me, please e-mail me at evilbeth@hotmail.com and I will give you the work number. (Sorry, I can’t call you from work!)

Thanks evilbeth and PB, I’ve emailed both of you. I’ll call whoever responds first, so please don’t take offense if I odn’t call you. If you would like me to call no matter what tonight (It’s not like I’ll be sleepy any time soon) just let me know and I’ll call you just to let you know I’m doing ok.

And no offense to anyone here, but I feel like such a loser not having anyone to turn to IRL. At the very least, the past couple events have taught me to get back out and get a social life again.

Brat, I’ve emailed you from work. I’m here most nights, except Thurs. and Fri. Call anytime you want, or email, or not. It’s up to you. And hang in there, these times pass. {{{{{{{{{{Bratman}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Brat you can always email/call/icq if you need a chat. And late at night won’t bother me because of the time difference.

Hope you’re not feeling too down mate. If she was cheating on you it’s her fault and her loss. Don’t take unnecessary baggage on board - it’ll just weigh you down.

Oh hon… huge hugs

Please feel free to call/email/whatever me. I’m a night owl, so I’m usually up really late anyway. I know how it can feel to have no one IRL to turn to…hell, just look at some of MY rants all over the place.

hugs you again Take care, hon. And don’t apologize…we’re here for you.

My life’s been no picnic lately, so I can relate, Brat.
Anyone who saw my thread I Live At A Jerry Springer Training Camp can attest to my misery. I have a few friends left, but they are either drunks, junkies, psychotics, or some combination of the three. I’ve considered suicide, but I don’t walk out of a bad movie. I just hang in there to see what happens next.
Good luck to you, Brat. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Just e-mailed ya Bratman.

Very sorry, BratMan. :frowning: {{BratMan}}

Thank you all. I talked with evilbeth until Honesty came home and then Honesty and I had a huge ahem discussion.

We are not breaking up. The proof I had turned out to not be as irrefutable as I believed. I have a problem of reacting first and then thinking. The main piece of “evidence” I had didn’t stand up one she showed it to me again and I saw the date on it - the date is a time when Honesty couldn’t have possibly done it. That evidence is between Honesty and myself, so I would thank everyone for not asking what it was. Evilbeth knows what it is from our talk, and I will gladly explain it to her in an email later if she wants. BTW evilbeth, you are such a sweetie. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I guess I still carry some paranoid luggage after the break up with my fiance last year (who most definitely DID cheat on me - she told me so), and am more emotional than usual considering what’s going on with my parents. But Honesty and I are fine for now and we plan to work through this.

Thanks again to everyone.

As this is over now, will a mod please close this thread?

Hey, I can relate to that. The last g/f admitted that she cheated on me and had done for some time. It’s very hard not to let it affect your future judgement. It’s the main reason that I’ve been single for nearly 2 years.

Hey Brat,

It would only be worse if you didnt have us to turn to.

Heads up brother, things will get better.

Ron and Honesty-

Best hugs to both of you. And some prayers and positive thoughts, also.


Hey, BratMan, you did the right thing by posting what you did. Maybe someone else who is in a rocky situation might see the responses you received and let us here on the SDMB try to help them out in his or her time of need.

Best wishes for better times.


ACK! I didn’t see this thread until JUST now, Ron, or I certainly would have phoned you again. I will give you a call as soon as I possibly can. I wish I were coming home for a visit soon - I’d definitely come and give you a hug, my friend! In the meantime, don’t ever consider yourself friendless as long as I’m around!!


So how are you feeling today mate?

Hello again everybody. I’m feeling fine, aside from feeling a bit like an idiot. Honesty came home, I confronted her, she asked what the hell was I talking about, I explained, she showed me the date on the item in question, and I promptly tried to retrieve my foot from my mouth.

So aside from Honesty being angry at me for not trusting her, and me feeling like a jackass, things are just peachy. With the recent developments (my own relationship problems and my parents’ problems) my boss has given me 4 paid days off to rest up and collect myself (so I also feel bad about repeatedly referring to him as “smeghead” and “a man so dumb he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the bottom of the heel.”) So with this time off, I’m going to spend time with Honesty, check in on my dad and see what’s going on there and probably stop by my sister’s place to see what she thinks about my parents splitting up.

I also really appreciate everyone’s support. And as I said, the bright side of this is that I got in touch with my old friends again today for the first time in months. They were all glad to hear from me and we’re having a boys’ night out in a couple weeks (as soon as I have a free weekend). Beer and strippers may turn out to be just what my life’s been missing.

Good to hear mate.

Keep smiling and remember that the true test of character is how we behave when we don’t know what to do.

Beer and strippers are always good things.