I am going to hell for laughing about the Iraqi prison scandal

Do a “view all posts” on my name and you’ll find that I have been extremely upset by the atrocities at Abu Ghraib. I have not taken this story lightly. That is why I hate to admit that I just blew Pepsi-One threw my nose at this commentary that, on my holiest oath, was just read on CNN (I’m quoting from memory so the phrasing may be slightly off, but the- ahem- jist is there:

Dribble out? I’d say that they were released in two big spurts.

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
Don’t worry about it; you’re laughing at Rummy, not the prisoners :cool:


Glad to see GWB is not the only misspeaker in the administration.

In one of the few photos I’ve seen, there are naked (hooded) prisoners and a woman, mugging for the camera and making gun-fingas at them. My first thought was “It’s a gay bondage video where someone’s photoshopped in a character from Joanie Loves Chachi.” My brain can’t wrap itself around the idea that someone could have that sort of happy expression in that situation, so instead it just giggles quietly to itself about the discordant image. So, I’ll see you in hell, I guess.

(My brain also has problems with someone thinking “Hey, we’re involved in international human rights abuses…quick, someone take a snapshot!” but that’s an entirely different issue)

Today I reflexively laughed at the title of Margaret Wente’s column in The Globe & Mail:

Iraqi Horror Picture Show.

It makes you feel like a bad human being, but there are few things funnier than unfortunate wording in somber news stories.

Dammit, now I’m going to hell too for opening this thread and…laughing.

When I see those pics I kinda giggle and wonder why America doesn’t require an IQ pass to join the military, maybe they will now the “lets be dumb fucks and capture it on film” has been exposed as a characteristic.

Shame sadam wasn’t that dumb or his trial would be much easier.

Seriously I hope Mrs-pregnant-England and her dumb fuck boyfriend get the whole bloody book thrown at them because they have made life a lot more dangerous for any US person who finds themself as a hostage.

I am appalled that 3 of the 7 are females. There goes any “women are too sensitive for war” thought. Women can be fucking evil.

Like this, you mean? :smiley:

Well, y’know, given the circumstances, I can laugh, I can cry, or I can go totally bughouse.

Given a choice… :smiley:

My mother and I are both going to hell (well, for many reasons, but this is one) . . . I turned on the TV just in time to see someone at the hearings voice his disgust at seeing “An American soldier dragging a prostate . . . prostrate prisoner on a leash . . .”

My mother says if they were dragging prostates on leashes, the scandal is even worse than we’d suspected.


Something that densely packed has to be intentional… right? :eek:

Now this isn’t entirely UNserious, but I still feel a twinge of guilt for this: does a certain photo of an Iraqi prisoner remind anyone else of this painting? I can’t be the only one.