I am Moderate America, sell me on Ted Cruz

Right now Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul and Ben Carson should ideally follow Mike Huckabee’s suit and drop out. Kasich, Christie, Bush should wait and see how it goes in New Hampshire and if hey do poorly, then drop out then. UT the first names have no chance, Santorum is in dire need of dropping out, look dude you’re not going to win, stop wasting your time. Ben Carson has better chance than Santorum.

Actually there is one man who is even more of a long shot than Rick Santorum and that is Jim Gilmore.

It would be interesting to see how the ‘born in Canada of an “American” mother who was registered to vote in Canada’ thing would play out in the courts, should Cruz become the nominee.

But he’s one scary dude. He can’t get along with anyone–he would take no advice. My prediction: nuclear annihilation within a year of his taking office.

Well no, Trump would have some jersey sounding guy answering the phone and telling them that Mr. Trump is sleeping now, call back later. No, don’t care why you called. Call the secretary in the morning and make an appointment like everyone else.

I’m not convinced that even Trump is Trump. I think he is punking us.

This is the only thing in here that made me smile.

Ted Cruz is a perfect illustration of how a person who has made up his mind about everything behaves. Scary doesn’t even cover it.

I like Rick Perry. I wouldn’t ever vote for him, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Having bad ideas doesn’t preclude you from being a nice guy.

A possible disqualification on the eve of the general election? Other than that, there is nothing appealing about him to a moderate voter.

Actually, it sounds like Cruz sees Roberts as too liberal:

He’s basically promised that he would do everything to make sure he only nominates the most conservative judges possible.

The only way I could see selling Cruz to moderate Americans, is that Cruz is the embodiment of a lot of the most conservative principles of the Republicans, and that if he wins, and then makes a total mess of things, then maybe the Republicans would start swinging back towards being more moderate.

Why would Carson bail out and Bush stay? Carson got three delegates and Bush only got one.

For the retro appeal. His people seem to have stood up in caucuses and said that Ben Carson was dropping out, which was a very Richard Nixon move.
Not to mention that he’s a ringer for Joe McCarthy.

The reviews are stellar.

The jokes are funny, the fans are fucking scary though. It’s almost like one long Poe’s Law feed.

The republican establishment doesn’t like him because he doesn’t fall in line. That could be a selling point, however whether you see this as individualism or opportunism is up to you.

Cruz is a very educated man, going to Princeton and Harvard Law (Of course that is almost a pre-req to run for president, a high quality education). Trump, Romney, Obama, etc. could say the same thing so I’m not sure if that alone is a selling point.

He speaks out against crony capitalism, and has some criticisms of oligarchy.

He claims he is against crony capitalism but his wife got up to a half million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs for his 2012 campaign. They also got a similarly valued line of credit from CitiBank.

It gives the impression of cronyism and of Goldman Sachs investing in future goodwill from Cruz, even if they legitimately qualified for the loan.

Having your wife borrow a half million from her company for you while bashing the company as crony capitalists is just a bit disingenuous.

Electing him President will get him out of the Senate. The Senate would then be able to pass bills or at least name post offices with unanimous consent!

That veto thing might suck though.

He was a professional lawyer. I think that is almost a requirement for the job of president. How much would Trump screw up being more ignorant of the law?

He was a congressperson. I know people hate the government right now, but when it comes to government jobs, g-men have the know-how to do them. Political novice for city council? Sure. The highest office in the land? No.

Of course Clinton and Sanders eclipse Cruz on these kinds of qualifications. The GOP field is just more lightweight.

Katich, Christy and Bush have plenty of experience. They’re just not getting any traction. I would say that Kasich has more experience across the board than anyone else running.

Well, Christie has a personality problem and Bush has a negative inherited legacy problem. Kasich? He was an extremely unpopular governor at one point, but then again Cruz eschews popularity in favor of purity, I guess.

Was Kasich ever a lawyer, law professor or congressperson?

Newt Gingrich, with some help from Grover Norquist & NewsCorp. Oh, and people actually still believe that Reagan was right about government being the problem. And here we are!

Ohio Senate
9 terms House of Rep.