I am Moderate America, sell me on Ted Cruz

What are we looking for that he brings to the table?

The best I can come up with is that he’s against the corporate Republican establishment. I got nothin’ else. He’s also not thrilled with the surveillance state, but some moderates like being surveilled(It’s EXTREME to want privacy I guess).

The only redeeming factor I can find is that he won Iowa while standing up against ethanol.

I’m a vampire. Sell me on garlic.

He’s not Trump.

Ted Cruz’s performance, as shown on British TV yesterday, reminded me of a fundie guy I saw in a church in London a while back (a female friend dragged me there).

This guy said to a large congregation:

“Jesus knew a lot about the old testament”

The congregation loudly murmured their approval.

He then followed up with:

“Of course he did … he wrote it.”

This went down well with most of the people present … loud exclamations of approval.

Praise the Lord … God has sent Teddy Cruz to save America!

… the problem is, of course … Cruz doesn’t believe in God.

God help America if he gets into the Whitehouse.

Well, of course not, he’s a Southern Baptist. He believes in the Supply-Side Jesus.


In the event he gains access to the White House, he could coherently answer the red phone at 2AM, whereas Trump would probably send it to an answering machine. IMHO, [del]Republicans[/del] America got a real blessing in Iowa with the results.

That’s pretty much all he’s got. Last spring, Cruz seemed like a joke candidate - somebody who would be entertaining until the real candidates took over and one of them won the negotiation. But those real candidates never showed up and, as I predicted, Trump made every other Republican seem reasonable by comparison.

It’s frightening to realize that none of the current GOP candidates rises to the level of Mitt Romney yet one of them is going to actually get nominated. And, God forbid, one of them might become President.

What the hell happened to the Republican party?

Man. I miss the days when I was worried about Rick Perry getting the nomination.

He’ll nominate SCOTUS justices like Roberts and Alito, if that helps. But Cruz is far from being a “moderate”, so I’m not seeing how he wold appeal to people who think of themselves as such.

+100. That there is about one of the biggest mouthfuls ever said, friend (speaking to F. Pu-du…)

He doesn’t have a long history of unethical dealings like Hillary does. And as far as we know, he does not use a family-operated “charity” as a front for laundering bribe money.

Aren’t there some conservative Republicans who’ve said they’d rather have Sanders in the White House?

You mean he doesn’t have a long history of being accused of unethical dealings like Hillary Clinton does.

And I guess you’re right about Cruz not having a long history either; he was first elected to office in 2013. I wonder how many of the people who claimed Obama wasn’t qualified to be President after only serving half a Senate term are saying the same thing about Cruz?

Cruz is from Canada, not Texas. Isn’t that nicer?

Ted Cruz has publicly proven he can read. At least at a “Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use” level.

And how many candidates have their own coloring book?!

He’ll be a steadying, maintaining influence. Nobody can possibly doubt Cruz’s control.

He is against crony capitalism and he put his career where his mouth was by being against ethanol subsidies in Iowa. Even Sanders and Warren have pretty much surrendered to corporate welfare interests, from corn subsidies to the Export Import Bank, to bailouts(as long as it’s not banks).

The only real difference between the “corporate” Democratic Party and the “anti-corporate” Democratic Party is that the “corporate” Democrats like big business and the “anti-corporate” Democrats like big businesses that are dependent on the government.