I am officially middle-aged

How do I know? I just had my first conversation with a non-physician comparing cholesterol levels. Shit.

Dang Otto that’s just a step ahead of thinking black socks with sandals and bermuda shorts hiked up to the neck is a good look. :smiley:

Soon you’ll be having heated discussions on the merits of Ben Gay vs. Deep Heet. [sub]and I still say Ben Gay is better goldarnit![/sub]

Wait a minute, I can’t see what you typed. Lost my reading glasses. Again. Sigh.

Next stop - plucking of the gray hairs. And stool softener.

Stool softener? Why don’t you just buy a cushion?

Otto hasn’t responded yet. Guess he’s not back from the early bird special at Denney’s yet. Or maybe he found a 2 for 1 special on Geritol and is out stocking up.

Well some girl in a bar said ‘Excuse me sir’ to me., Since she is in a bar she has to be 21, and when someone who’s 21 or more calls you sir it is time to start checking out gravesites. I

But have you put “retirement contribution” on the list of top ten of things you look for in an employer?

See, I’m not middle-aged. Nope, I plan on living to be at least 90, so I have to be 45 to be middle-aged. Not 45 yet, so I’m still a kid. And when I am 45, I’ll decide it would be cool to live to be a hundred. I’ll never be middle-aged, never!!! [evil, slightly mad laugh]