I Am Psychic.. Evidence Of My Power Enclosed..


Well, that settles that debate, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Dratted hamsters ate my OP!

Here it is again…

A month ago I posted this thread.

A few days ago this TV programme aired . Further info here.

I leave it to members of the SDMB to draw their own conclusions, but you have to agree I was spookily correct on a large percentage of my predictions.

Note in particular:

  • Mother Teresa connection.
  • Loves everyone
  • Living with/marrying Dodi
  • misunderstood in real life
  • working with children
  • Doesn’t hate royals.
  • Anti-war
  • Proud of sons

Frankly, I find this all a bit scary. Such an awesome power to second guess frauds is a very heavy burden to bear.

Damn, with that irrefutable evidence, I now have to change my opinion of the matter.

Incidently can you clear up a few other things?

Do UFO’s exist?
Is bigfoot real?
Lockness Monster, fake or true?

Oh, and can you tell us which religion is the right religion?
Thanks in advance

This was answered in GQ a few weeks ago. It turned out it was animism. Man, I didn’t see that one coming.

8 out of 11. Hmm. See if you can get Fermat’s proof for me. Thanks.

I am not a psychic, but here is the proof http://www.mbay.net/~cgd/flt/flt08.htm

I meant the proof that didn’t fit in the margin. What did Fermat have that he (felt) proved it? I should have been more clear, sorry about that. But it does explain why everytime I call the Psychic Friends they shout, “The Taniyama-Shimura conjecture!” and slam down the phone. It’s like they know I’m coming…