I am rat. Hear me squeak.

Selkie, sorry I haven’t emailed Lucas. Somehow he got caught up in my spam filters and has been languishing away. But let it be known that now he not only has a special place in my heart, but I’ll see him everyday on my IM as my icon. :slight_smile: Since he sent me something directly and personal, he’s of course my favorite. However, he runs with a real sweetheart of a bunch. My Commander-In-Pup, Zen, says he’d love to have everyone come visit sometime and paint their toys red. Treats on the house.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but from your pictures I’m pretty sure that Adam One is my ferret DJ reincarnated. You can confirm this if you want because he likes to make nests out of white socks. Also he was a big fan of liking peanut butter off my finger.

I thank you on his behalf. His parents were show cats; he was sold to a friend of mine as a gift for her granddaughter. Daughter-in-law decided he talked too much (I can understand) and threw him outside. My friend repossessed him and gave him to me when her females wouldn’t tolerate him. I lucked out; he has oodles of personality and is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.

Ferret reincarnation not only doesn’t alarm me, it makes perfect sense. He’s already recognized as a were-rat (the human-like hands were the giveaway). On more than one occasion, I have personally witnessed him singing exactly like a bird to the moon at midnight, using a voice between parakeet and cockatiel. Given the level of weirdness that surrounds him, I have no trouble believing a ferret is involved too! Peanut butter is dangerous for rat bodies, but he adores peanuts above many more traditional treats. I’ll try some white socks next! :cool:

SnakesCatLady, Magic has beauty and personality? You are a lucky feline slave indeed!

Yay ratties! I’ve had my girls Templeton and Bob for almost two years now. I have to say I’ve never seen a hairless rat before. Very interesting. Tempie and Bob are my first rats – I had cats my entire life, then my last one died and my dad said no more pets. Six months later I was dying for a fuzzy animal to love, and decided to get something big enough to cuddle but small enough to hide from Dad. I’d had rabbits and guinea pigs in the past, but wanted something different…I fell in love with my ratties the day I brought them home.

They’re so full of personality. Tempie is very food-picky; if she had her way all she’d eat would be fruit-flavored Yogies. Bob, on the other hand, will eat anything you stick in front of her. That’s why she’s twice as wide as Tempie. :slight_smile: Bob is also a snuggler – she tends to burrow down my shirt or in my sleeve when I’m holding her, while Tempie is more of a shoulder-rat.

Here’s some pictures of mine:

Bob - how can you resist that sweet face?
Templeton says hi.
My favorite picture of them

So rats live together happily? I don’t know much about rats at all and thought the Rat Pack was only about crooners. Are there ever any rat conflicts or do all types, genders, and ages get along?

Little Bird, I’m so sorry you can’t keep rats anymore. That’s tragic! If the Dubuque in your location field is the IL/IA one and you’d ever like to test whether your allergies would react to the double rex hairless (which it probably would, but heck, maybe you’d get luck) I can probably arrange for Jamie and Lucas to take a field trip.

Oh, and GO YOU for encouraging others to consider rats as pets. You’re not only doing the rats a favor, you’re doing the people a favor too. I say this as someone who used to breed both gerbils and mice in fairly large quantities, and who has nothing but respect for dwarf hamsters - but none of them hold a candle to rats!

AntaresJB, thanks so much for the pictures of your adorable pair! What sweeties. I just know there’s a story behind those names…

Templeton is giving me Jasmine flashbacks. Is Bob a Siamese or a Himalayan? I never can remember which is which - my poor cat-brain still grumbles about the differences in those terms between felines and rodents.

Quiddity Glomfuster, there are as many answers about the compatibility of rats as there are rat owners. Rats are intensely social creatures so they’re predisposed to accept others, but all of them are individuals with their own strong likes and dislikes. In general, females almost always get along. Sometimes an unrelated female will kill the litter of a cagemate, but she’s just as likely to help the mother raise the offspring. Males who have been raised together, whether siblings or introduced shortly after weaning, do just fine. Introducing two adult males can be quite tricky, although I’m assured that if the owner is patient and understands the use of strategic placement of vanilla extract, they can be convinced to form their own pack. I’ve heard of multiple instances where adult males have become surrogate parents for weaned but still young males added to their cages; not sure I’d be brave enough to try, but supposedly it’s doable.

Speaking of compatibility, I hope everyone reading this thread will send good thoughts to a very young, injured hairless female I brought home today. Her chances of survival are slim, but I - and the incredibly nurturing young furred rat I brought home to keep her company - am doing the best I can to increase the odds. My family is going to throw me out on the street when they notice them, but at least their priorities are straight: I’ll be homeless, but I know they’ll let the rats stay.

You are the one who had a thread about a very large, ferocious farting Fish not that long ago, right? Do you ever do anything by half-measures?

Just wondering, since you seem to have gone from thinking about having A rat to having 6 at least temporarily.

It’s fun to see your enthusiasm, though.

The story behind the names is rather lame. I knew I wanted to name one Templeton, after the rat in Charlotte’s Web. For the other, I wanted a name that flowed well and sounded nice with Templeton, and I decided that ‘Bob’ goes with everything. :slight_smile:

As far as coloration, I’m not sure what Bob is. I got my girls at the local pet store, and not from a breeder or anything (I will likely be a little more selective for future rats - I’d love to have a Dumbo, they’re so freaking cute, and the calm temperament would be a change of pace!). She’s kind of creamy-colored, with extremely faint markings in a pattern very similar to Tempie’s, darkest at the nose and the tip of her tail but with a very faint splotchy stripe down her back. Her eyes are pink. From the descriptions I’m seeing on the RMCA website you linked to, it sounds like she’s some variation of a seal point siamese. Not a very good one, though. :slight_smile:

Ha! You remembered. Yes, that was me. I just saw a baby one at the animal expo today, and wondered where he’ll end up … and whether he’ll fart for his new owner.

No, never. :smiley:

Actually, once I knew one rat was coming, there was supposed to be a second one to keep it warm and occupied. But yeah, the other four weren’t exactly planned. I suspected the potato chip factor would kick in eventually, but this is unusual even by my standards. Fortunately I have a house literally full of old aquariums/covers/filters/heaters and everything else imaginable, so it’s never expensive to bring in something new or house something unexpected. Well, until the rats came in and I started buying them every toy and hut on the market, that is. They’re perfectly happy with old towels and plain cardboard tubes, but shopping for rats is too much fun not to indulge in.

AntaresJB, I hang my head in shame at not recalling the rat from Charlotte’s Web. Bad me. And I’m amused at how Bob’s name came to be.

FWIW, I’ve seen more dumbos in feeder pens than I’ve seen offered by breeders. Seriously. I saw more dumbos and supposedly rare blues today being sold as live feeders (grrr…) than I’ve ever seen offered on message boards from breeders, and two of my three dumbos came from pet store “feeder stock.” Just sayin’, don’t rule out the possibility. The feeder breeders always seem so excited to sell theirs as pets, and one of those I spoke to today is deliberately breeding for dumbos and more popular colors in the hopes of getting more into pet homes. He doesn’t charge any more for them, either. You should have seen this gorgeous little chocolate and white dumbo girl he had! Apparently everyone had bought all his blue dumbos in the morning, but I’m sure that pretty little spotted critter will find a home. I feel strongly that all rats regardless of color deserve love, but with so many to choose from, I’ll admit that those in colors and patterns I particularly like have a better chance of grabbing my attention and showing off their personalities.

Oh, and I wouldn’t count on dumbos being any more laid back than normal eared rats. Adam and Eve are both very mellow, but Lucas is already tending much more toward Jamie’s go-go-go personality. Maybe it’s a double rex thing. I keep reading stories of other people’s double rexes being more active than “normal” furred rats, and I know mine are!