I am really depressed.

The last two months have not been good for me. My last paycheck was on December 15. The day that I was supposed to next check, Dec. 29, my boss called me into his office and said that I wasn’t going to get anymore paychecks because the business was in bad shape and in order to keep paying the other employees, I couldn’t be paid - FTR, he wasn’t taking a paycheck either, but that doesn’t really help me. What kills me, is that back in late October or early November I realized that things weren’t good with the business and offered to take a pay cut. It is easier to budget around half your salary rather than none of your salary.

Of course, my boss expected me to keep working like nothing had changed, and I did for a couple of weeks. During that time, my boss got into a huge argument with my father, who also happens(happened) to be one of the largest investors. Shortly after that, he told me not to bother to come into work anymore- he essentially fired me. I had invested close to $50,000 and three years of my life for this business and was dumped like day-old sushi. I had to miss several family functions including a bar mitzvah and my mothers 70th birthday.

Right now, I feel like I’ll have trouble finding another job - I just don’t think that I have marketable skills which is why I started a thread asking about cooking schools a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing, but my house that I love and have been in less than a year will probably have to be sold. I doubt that I’ll be able to find any job suitable in Austin. At least I still have my dog, he is without a doubt the best thing in my life right now.

I wonder if I am too old to start a life as an international jewel thief.

Hey man, I didn’t know this was going on, and I am terribly sorry. Have you applied for unemployment yet? Whether you were essentially laid off or fired, you should be able to collect, and it can help you in the meantime while you’re looking for other jobs. Trust me – unemployment saved me throughout November and December, when I was between jobs and still had rent, bills, and student loans to pay.

I hear Austin is a really cool, hip, happening, young-skewing city with bars, restaurants, clubs, places like that – so if worst came to worst, could you get a job waiting tables or tending bar to tide you over while you look for something better? If you’re interested in culinary school (which is obscenely expensive), could you take a job in a restaurant kitchen for a while? I’m sure the money wouldn’t be as good as you’re used to and the conditions would be a lot worse, but if you’re the least bit interested in cooking, it would be a great way to test your level of commitment. I considered this long and hard myself, during my recent period of unemployment (but before I went back to school).

That seems like a terrible situation with your former boss. What a jerk!

Have you started your job search yet? You might feel more confident about your abilities and skills once you test the waters. Plus, you’re a Doper, so don’t underestimate the value of a smart person in the workforce.

well, give us a list of skills/things you’re good at/things you like.

maybe we can more accurately give you some suggestions

BBVL, I have applied for UI, but it is a small fraction of what I was getting. I have also filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission for the salary that I should have been paid along with 2 week of vacation pay.

delphica, my former boss is a huge jerk. He is a jerk of biblical proportions. Like I mentioned, I had invested a bunch of money in the business and three days after being fired from my $35,000 a year job my boss emailed me and said that I needed to give him $135,000 to keep my interest in the business. I was advised by a lawyer friend to not respond to that at least until he is UTD* with me under Texas law (which says all money owed must be paid within 6 days of termination). FTR, I think I shouldn’t have any trouble getting UI since I wasn’t truely fired.

Now, I have been offered two short term jobs, but it is for skills that I haven’t used in close to 5 years, and one of them was in New Jersey. No way in hell am I moving to New Jersey for 4 months of contract work. I may get some up to date training in that field (EDI) and persue that. I imagine that I will have to get some UTD* training in something, no matter what. I have a meeting with a career counselor here in Dallas tomorrow.

Sorry BBVL, I figured that I was going to be in Austin tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait a couple of days before I send you that JL CD.

  • UTD= up to date.

Smoking weed and masturbating.

Did I type that out loud?

Hmmm…maybe you could sell weed and handjobs for some extra cash? :wink:

Sorry to hear about your crap, man. I own my own business and I’m the one who had to miss 2 months worth of paychecks and also lend the company money. A month after I bought my house, too.

Fortunately for me, I am my own boss and NOT an asshole of biblical proportions, so I was able to weasle out of it.

Glad you called the “authorities” tho. Hope you get what’s coming to ya.

At this point, I have to say that I am glad to know that people here who stub their toes get more sympathy than me.

Do sperm banks still pay for donations? Might be worth a shot.

:smiley: Hang in there, buddy.

I’ll commiserate with ya bud. From a severe illness last year I have huge hospital bills (close to 50 grand) and of course since I was on long-term disability I was paid considerably less last year than I usually make so my savings are depleted and then on Feb 3rd I was laid off.

Hang in there is all I can say.