I am Refinishing Some Furniture Again...

So, I am refinishing some furniture again. And, this time, I would like to do things different and better than before.

I am refinishing a computer stand. It is made of wood, pine and poplar. Before I do the varnishing, I would like to do something else. I would like to paint some very thin gold striping on the periphery of the piece. I would like to paint it in a way that suggests that it is gold leaf inlay. Then, I would like to varnish over it to make it look like the finest piece of furniture ever made.

So, has anyone done anything like this before? Can you suggest some reading on the subject? Perhaps a website or video? Is there anything you can tell me as to how to get good results here?

Thanks in advance


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No-one has anything to say about this subject?

Try going to The DIY network on line they have al sorts of tutorials on how to do this kind of things. I should know, I’ve used their advice on a lot of projects and how-to stuff. Hope that helps.

pinstriping takes a steady hand and lots of practice. I recall on Overhaulin Chip Foose always brought in this one guy that had penstriped for decades.

A short cut would be to use stick on stripes. Or a stencil. I’d try the stick on first. Use a scrap piece of wood and then cover with a finish coat like poly or varnish. See how it looks.