I am sick of reality TV shows

I hate, hate, HATE them. They hold absolutely no interest to me whatsoever, yet still they are around to clog my TV screen as I flip through channels.

Survivor, Survivor 2, Boot Camp, Joe Millionare… I’m fucking sick of them! You have a large group at first, and then you selectively choose which ones you want to keep until there is one left. I get the point by now! Been there, done that. Nothing new to me anymore.

God, how inane and banal can you get? I used to here the phrase “Never wins any popularity contests” and thought it was just a figure of speech, because who the fuck would have popularity contests? The major networks, apparently.

And what’s with that brainless golddigging bitch Anna Nicole Smith? I tuned in for the first 2 or 3 episodes, but I quit watching because it gave me a headache. ARGH, KILL THAT FUCKING POOCH OF YOURS! AND LOSE SOME WEIGHT! How did you ever become a playboy model anyway, fatty? You’re lucky that billionaire guy wanted you, because otherwise you’d be out on your own pumping gas or scrubbing dishes. Personally, if I were that rich I could buy a much nicer piece of ass than you.

Would that I were a Nielson household so that I could show those bastards how really uninterested I am! But alas, it is not so.

Read a book.

I’m doing all I can to get them off the air. I’ve never watched any of them and don’t plan on starting in the next 10 years or so.

But, (hanging head in shame) I did watch a few minutes of Anna Asshole one time. Plenty enough for me.

The irony is after years of hating them, I’ve started watching them more and more.

YM obviously MV.

I agree on the Neilson thing though.

Nice to know that fat people are so worthless and undesirable. It’s amazing that any of us actually have friends, let alone are married! How could anyone possibly love us? I mean… we’re fat!!!

Oh, come off of it. I didn’t mean you, OpalCat!

Anna Nicole’s extra pudge is probably her only redeeming factor. I think the fluff looks cute on her.

Not sure if this is facetious or not, but it bears mentioning anyways that she was once quite thin, svelte and toned and of course had those gargantuan fake boobs - very Playboy-material.

I wouldn’t say she was thin, just not as large as she is nowadays.

When you criticize someone because they are fat, you criticize everyone for that. If your problem with her isn’t that she is fat, then address that problem.

Nice to know that you think that “fatty” is an acceptable thing to call someone who is overweight. Ass.

I was with you till the comments about Anna Nicole. What the hell does her weight have to do with anything?! It’s a nasty horrible show, and would be whether she weighed ninety pounds or 290.
And FYI Blalron, when you insult one member of a group, don’t be surprised if the rest take offense, whether you meant to hurt them or not.

Hrm, I personally would consider this, this and this to qualify as thin, though your parameters for thinness may obviously vary.

Oh, so you meant me? Jesus, do you see what you’re typing before you hit submit?

Actually, I rather enjoy some reality TV shows. Survivor in particular. But in the event that, some time in the future, I should become really sick of them, I have this devilishly clever plan: I’m going to stop watching them! Ain’t I smart?

If you don’t like the shows then exercise your index finger and change the channel, or better yet, turn the damn thing off. You would have some time to get out and about and try to meet some people. How about a diverse group of people that includes all races, religions or lack of religion, creeds, genders and sizes . You might find out that the person who is not the same color as you, the same gender as you, has a different religion than you or gasp fat might dislike the shows too and also shares some other things in common with you.

The Anna Nicole Smith Show is the greates thing on TV * ever * for two reasons:

  1. Bobby Trendy

  2. Absolutely no one can ever be depressed about their sorry, worthless existences after watching it, because she is living, televised proof that it can ALWAYS be worse.

[My Mother]

Am I not smart.

[/My Mother]

Sorry, hearing someone actually use “fatty” made me regress a little.

It’s the face that bugs me the most, it’s caked in such a thick layer of makeup. Such a turnoff!

And to set the record straight, no I’m not entirely shallow. Anna Nicole’s weight gain is only one factor in her HUGE downward spiral.

I don’t know, I think when placed side-by-side with the ‘non-reality’ shows like The Practice, Boston Public and Everybody Loves Raymond, reality doesn’t look so bad.

Besides, they have one redeeming value: they’re convinced my wife that she doesn’t really want to move to America.

Don’t take this the wrong way but didn’t you have surgery just so you wouldn’t have to be fat? If I have you confused with another poster then forgive me.

There is nothing wrong with that, I just find it amusing that hte first person to jump on him for his anna comment would subject herself to risky surgery to not be fat.

a) I don’t think Opal had the surgery for cosmetic reasons. b) Even if she did, her point is still valid.