I am sick. Where's the hot water?

Yuck. I don’t have to time to be sick. All I want to do is take a hot bath. And do you think there’s any hot water left in this house? Why are they all so intent on being clean? Shouldn’t the sick take precedence?

Please help me feel better? At least until there’s hot water in this house again?

I don’t care what…jokes, anecdotes, whatever.

You can take a nice hot bath at my house :wink:

xizor…mmmmmmm. Thanks. You come pick me up? The good news is I’m not contagious.

Well, I don’t know how to make knish, so would home-made ravioli work? How about Home-made chicken noodle (even the noodles)?

Poor baby!

Yes, yes and yes. That sounds delicious. Thanks, thinks.

OK, but due to recent travel restrictions, you may only bring 1 item of clothing with you, and it must fit in the glove compartment :wink: