I am slow.

Actually, my computer is slow. I just bought a 1.5 ghz Athlon XP with 256 mbs of sdram, and all this really nice top-of-the-line stuff. I am running xp pro, and have over 80 gbs of space. For about a month and half, my computer was really quite fast. Now it has slowed considerably down, to 1/2 of what it used to be. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

When is it slow? Is it when playing graphic-intensive games? Is it while surfing the net? Maybe when you’re running the new version of an application? Is it always slow, or just in one of these situations?

I think these questions would be a good place to start. Hopefully, when you answer them, the real computer whizzes will have some suggestions.

Well, it is most slow while loading, and then it is moderately slow while loading and running apps… I should mention I have adsl. So, it would be feasible to say that unless it is idle, it is not responding with the quickness it used to.

The following is one suggestion. It may solve your problem. It may not.
Run a virus scanner. Here’s a free virus scanner: http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_downl.htm

On the other hand, the problem might be anti-virus software. Many times, that stuff wreaks havoc and chews up CPU cycles and memory. Try disabling it for a bit & see if things speed up.
But don’t forget to turn it back on!!

Do you have a ton of software installed? Everything you install adds to the registry. Uninstall junk you don’t need or try a registry cleaner. More RAM couldn’t hurt, either.

Have you defragged lately?

Yes, two days ago.

Well, running SDRAM with all that shiny new hardware isn’t helping things any. That wouldn’t cause a sudden slow-down, though. Try removing unneeded items from startup and running a program like Ad-Aware to get rid of icky spyware.

On the other hand, maybe the “new car smell” has simply worn off?

…and have you seen that spiffy new iMac? Wow!

What percentage does your system show for free system resources just after startup?