I am so cruel - Kinetic Energy

I saw this post on another forum…

The guy got a couple of unhelpful answers…

So I decided to help clarify things for the guy, and try and make kinetic energy easier to understand.

I’m going to Hell, aren’t I?

yep…you can tell us if it really does give off a lot of light while your there.

Tch, tch. [shakes head, walks away, sighing].

oh thats just evil

whats the weather like in hell this time of the year?

That is a little evil, but pretty funny too… Let us know if the guy posts back there when he finds out you’ve fed him a pack of lies…

I personally find that hilarious.

Once, a few years ago, someone came into a chatroom I visited at the time asking for help on a homework assignment.

I cheerfully volunteered my services.

The person explained they had to write a book report about some book or other that I’d never read. Ahh, perfect! I fired up Google and got some basic info about it…

…and proceeded to make up this whole other story, about how the main characters were lesbians and stuff.

The person swallowed it, hook line and sinker.

A week or two later they returned to thank me… they had gotten an A.

Sheesh. Try to do a little bad in the world!

Don’t post on technical matters.

Or, do post on technical matters in Slashdot. You’ll get modded up like nothing, and it will be a warning for the clueful.

On the subject of “bad advice from the internet”, here’s a transcript of a thread from the forums at SomethingAwful (edited for length):

**OP**:  I was playing DanceDanceRevolution at the arcade and after one song my vision got 
blurry, I felt sick and my temperature felt high.  I had to go to my car and lie down with the AC on.   
I wasn't dehydrated.  This has happened to me in this past, usually after light exercise in 
moderate temperatures.   What's wrong with me?

**poster1**:  You may have been low on sugar. What did you eat prior to that? 

**poster2**:  the symptoms you are describing sound like migraine symptoms to me 
(i have them, unfortunately), however i am not a doctor. 

**poster3**:  Taste your urine.

          If it is salty, you need to see a doctor RIGHT NOW, as you may have bone cancer.
          If it is not salty, you need more sodium in your diet.

          ps: not a doctor, but I did drive by a Holiday Inn Express last week.

**poster4**:  I am seconding the low blood sugar vote. Make sure you're getting enough carbs 
       in your diet, and if you aren't,  eat some sort of fruit before doing anything even 
       remotely active.   Yay diabetes!

**poster5**:  Strangely enough **poster3** is right (not about the sodium part though). 
But based on his holiday inn comment I don't think he knew he was.

        Orally sample your urine. I know it may sound gross but it really is quite a clean substence. 
        There's a good chance that you may be low on acitate meloninite (ACM), a substence 
in the body thats pumped into the sweat glands/urine in order to control the flow to the epidermis, 
which cools the body...  [medical BS continues]

**poster3**:  Clearly the only solution...

**OP**:ok I decided to give it a shot.  It wasn't very salty. Is there a natural way of restoring 
       your ACM? Also, if sweat is salty, does this mean the ACM is regular? 

**poster3**:HAHAHA! You tasted your own piss! Sucker! 

**poster5**:...               AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

**poster6**:  Well played gentlemen, well played indeed.

To you, **OP**, you should know better than to ask for medical advice here, and you should know 
       much, much better than to take the advice people hand out around these parts pertaining 
       to said subject. 

**poster7**:  Even in Water World they had the sense to fucking filter their piss before 
       they drank it. You were upstaged in intelligence by *Water World*.

The OP closed the thread, but then decided to be a good sport and re-open it so that people could continue laughing at him.

Now it’s a running joke over there. Every medical thread will have a requisite “Drink ur piss! hur hur hur” post.

Did you ever write techo-babble for Star Trek?

Anyone asking someone else to do their homework for them deserves what they get. So no, you’re not going to hell. Heck, on the other hand … hellooooo, Phil.