I am so hungry

I am having a molar pulled in two hours. My last dentist botched my root canal and now the tooth has got to go. I’ve been waiting two months for this day. I’m so nervous.
But, I’m even more hungry than nervous. The doctor told me I couldn’t eat after 11pm yesterday. I normally don’t have a problem with fasting. But, I now work third shift. It’s so much easier to fast when you are sleeping through the fast.
I woke up at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. I had to drive from MA to NY so I could be back from my long weekend visit in time for work. I had to be at work for 10:40. So, I had to eat around 10pm. I haven’t had anything to eat since then. All I’ve had is water. Three bottles of water. They say that drinking water when you’re hungry can help because most people mistake thirst for hunger. Well, I’m not thirsty. I’m not dehydrated. I’m hungry dammit and the water isn’t helping!
I’m sure I wont be able to eat right away when I get home from the extraction. I want FOOD!!!

forget being able to eat afterwards - you won’t want to eat.
Try not to think about it. Do something else with your hands - a jigsaw puzzle, clean out a closet, anything. And if you do something exercise-ish, you’ll get thirsty and drink more water :wink:

Drink warm water.

I can’t vouch for this personally - and I don’t find the idea appealing - but a lot of the Vietnamese and Indian women I work with will carry bottles of warm water with them when they want to lose weight - they say it fools the stomach in a way that cold water doesn’t.


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I second the hot water idea. I’m not Vietnamese or Indian but I do drink hot water all day long. It goes a long way toward temporarily quelling hunger.

And once you have the molar extracted, get some mushy/soft foods. I had a molar pulled a few years back and struggled with chewing for a few days.

You could put some lemon or lime juice in the hot/warm water. Would bullion be out of the question?

I actually always drink either warm or hot water. Cold water hurts my teeth.

Well, I’m not hungry anymore.

I am pissed, in pain, and sad.

See, when a receptionist tells you that for IV sedation, you will need a ride home, that implys that you will need a ride home. IF they mean you need a babysitter, they should say that. I did not plan for a babysitter. I planned on a taxi. So, I couldn’t have the IV sedation. They tried the Novocaine and Nitrous.

Didn’t work.

I am very resistant to the powers of Novocaine. Always have been. I told them that. The nurse said the doctor would test my mouth first to make sure that the Novocaine was working. All he had to do was ask me. I could have told him it wasn’t. Instead, he starts pulling the tooth. I screamed, started crying and pushed him away. He gave me more Novocaine. When he came back about 10 minutes later, I told him that my lip, cheek, and tongue were numb but not my gums. He started pulling again anyway. When I fipped out again, he got mad and said I’d have to reschedule when I had someone to babysit me so I could get the IV.

This guy may be the best in his field in this area. But, he’s an asshole and he has no bedside manner. It took me over an hour to stop crying from the pain and I’m still shaking.

I have no choice but to go back to him because I’ll have to wait a lot longer to get in with someone else. And, there just isn’t a high concentration of Oral Surgeons in this area so my choices are kinda limited.

I have another appointment for 8:45 on Friday. My sister will go to work late so she can be there with me and bring me home. I will be asleep so I shouldn’t be feeling this horrible pain again.

But, I have to be at work 2 hours early on Wednesday night. So I have to work a 10 hour shift, can’t eat during any of it, and then have a tooth ripped out.

And I have to work tonight when I was planning on having it off. On the plus side, my work week ends on Friday morning. Since I wont be able to work Thursday night, I’ll have another 3 day weekend. Of course, I wont be enjoying it - what with having to pull bloody gauze out of my mouth and eating more mushy food.
Oh, and if you want to know what it felt like…imagine having bowel removal surgery - through your mouth, with no drugs. :eek:

I hear ya. I’m another one who is resistant to that stuff. Last time I had a tooth pulled, I was told I’d get one shot and “just maaaaybe two, but that’s unlikely to be needed”. Three shots later, and the pain was only just bearable - ie. I didn’t flip out, but it was a near thing. THen there’s the dentist looking at me like I’m some sort of druggie asking for more of the good stuff. WTF? Uh no, I just don’t want to be in excruciating pain - isn’t that reasonable?