I am the Champion

After months of planning and thinking and trying I have done it. I have posted the 639500th post on the board. No No, no need to thank me. You don’t have to shower me with money fame and fortune. Simple sexual favors, alcohol, food, and assorted drugs should be plenty.

Are you mocking me?


Of course not. I’m very proud of my acomplishment. But, even better was this. Exactly 10 posts later (just as I predicted in my plan) I was able to hit post 639700. That’s right, that’s right, it was quite difficult. I had to take into consideration the speed of the internet, tide changes, the effects of a not-full moon, and the Hegellian theory of right. But, I was able to do it.

I have no idea if you are a WWF fan, but you are beginning to sound like an olympic gold medalist…

If you don’t get this sorry, but it’s true.


I ain’t him but I get it.