I am tired of Fox News (Natalee Holloway related )

I realize I can just as easily change the channel and not deal with it, but this really pisses me off. Why has this become the Natalee Holloway Network? Do we really need to see high school video of this girl doing band in high school? Who besides the parents and friends really gives a fuck?

I wish they would find this girl so, gasp, maybe America can move on.

This story sums up my thoughts better:


It’s still All Natalee, All the Time?

I guess it makes sense. It is a good excuse for avoiding a lot of news coverage about important issues.

Because they don’t have Michael Jackson to kick around anymore.

The fucking thing that irks me more than Natalie is the “Homicide Bomber” memo they sent out. They won’t call a suicide bomber a suicide bomber, not sure why. I guess it glorifies suicide bombing?? Who the fuck knows, but I just loath the way they insist on calling it a homicide bomber. Hey Fox, you can commit homicide with a bomb and not die doing it…didn’t you get the fucking memo?

Woah, Spain legalized gay marriage? Good on them

Natalee who? :slight_smile:

I’ve been sick with Fox News since they did a piece on how the spray paint markings used by city workers are tantamount to graffiti. Hyperbolize much?

Nailed it. Even Fox News viewers aren’t stupid enough to buy their “Valerie Plame wasn’t a CIA agent, she was like a secretary or something” line on the Rove situation, so anything else they can talk about is going to get way more coverage than it warrants.

Do what I did - get Dish Network’s lowest satellite plan (top 60 or something like that). Fox News is conveniently blocked for my protection! :smiley:

And no one has thought to question Gary Condit?

[QUOTE=Duke of Rat]
They won’t call a suicide bomber a suicide bomber, not sure why. I guess it glorifies suicide bombing?? QUOTE]Because that term coveys actual, accurate information with a minimum of verbiage.

yoman I think for a refreshing change you should watch Nancy Grace instead.

::crawling out from under a rock::

Um…who the hell is Natalee Holloway?

(I’ve forced myself to stop watching cable news for several months now. Better for my blood pressure).

Another Doper sick of the Halloway shit. Enough!

About the homicide/suicide bomber verbiage, I don’t see what’s causing the outrage. If I strap a bomb to myself and set it off in the middle of nowhere, I was clearly using a bomb to commit suicide. That makes me a “suicide bomber.”

If I strap it to myself and set it off in a crowd of people so I can kill as many others as possible, I was clearly using a bomb to commit homicide. That makes me a “homicide bomber.”

Semantics? Maybe. But why argue semantics when it pertains ONLY to a sick fucker trying to kill people. I’m surprised people are so concerned with how we refer to these “people”.

Damnit, sorry for the hijack, that should have been it’s own thread. Apologies all around

Blonde American teenager missing for several weeks in Aruba, presumed murdered. The family’s website is here, with news links at the bottom of the page.

MSNBC has Fox way beaten on this one. Not only is it nonstop, it comes complete with handwringing and examinations of society.

With all of the nonstop coverage she’s receiving, you’d think Natalee Holloway was a runaway bride, or something.

The local paper here in Florida, The News-Press, ran an editorial about Holloway the other day. Basically, it said, “Be careful.”

I mean, Jesus, did the editors get a copy of Chicken Soup for the Editorial Board’s Soul and decide they had to contribute something to the second edition?

Another tough call in the FOX newsroom:

“What are the top stories today?”
“Well, we have Karl Rove admitting he broke national security, George Bush nominating a right wing judge with no experience, and more Americans killed in Iraq.”
“Okay, we’re going to lead with another story about the pretty blonde coed who was killed by negroes.”

:crawls out from under NPR News:

Up until this thread, I couldn’t even remember her last name. God bless NPR for sticking to real news and not flooding me with the story of the minute.

Is it bad that I reflexively looked for a ‘Guest’ area to see free pictures? That’s a warning sign, I’ll bet.