I am very concerned about my health. Dr appt today.

DISCLAIMER: This not a joke, nor a prank. This also not to alarm anybody pre-maturely. At this point, this is simple information, only!

Wish me luck, pray, or whatever you are into.

I have to see the Dr. today about what may, or (hopefully) may not be, a serious health problem.

Last night as lie in bed, my pulse was bounding. It was bounding as if I had just climbed several flights of stairs, even though I had been doing absolutely nothing all night but trying to go to sleep. I had some minor shortness of breath too. This went on all night until I fell asleep.

When I got up to use the bathroom, before sleeping, I could SEE my arteries in my neck throbbing. I could feel my pulse bounding all over my body. This is not normal!

This is still happening as I type this. I hope and pray that this nothing serious. There is a very small possibility it could be serious complication because of a disease I have called Reiter’s Syndrome. Major (and rare) complications include heart problems such as aortic insufficiency, and arythmia.

I am scared shitless right now. I hope the Dr. says it is nothing to worry about, but I can’t help but be concerned. I will let you all know what the diagnosis is, asap. I don’t want anyone being alarmed. I just ask for your support, prayers and thoughts to be with me today. This is scary stuff. I am only 31 years old.

My father had something like that. Every once in a while, his heart would just start racing for no reason. He’d be sitting in a chair watching TV, and he’d start to get red-faced and sweat, and his heart would just pound.

I don’t remember the exact diagnosis, but I think it had something to do with a nerve problem in his heart. He had to go in and get it fixed, but it was a one-day outpatient thing, and very safe. Not fun to have to go through, but not a big deal in retrospect.

I’m glad you’re going to get it checked out, MSK. Keep in mind there’s a big chance it’s nothing serious. Keep us posted.

Hope all goes well for you. Please take care.

MSK, you might want to investigate the possibility that you’re suffering from anxiety and panic attacks rather than a serious heart problem. It’s no less worrying for you, and I know it feels awful, but it might be a good idea to ask your doctor about it.

MSK, as someone who is also undergoing the hell that is undiagnosed-potentially-serious-medical-problems, I will be thinking of you and hope it all comes out okay. Email me if you need to vent, 'k? {{{{hugs}}}}

To me, it sounds like Tacchycardia (sorry can’t spell it!). I have it, although I did not have an “episode” in a while now. Your heart starts racing like crazy (for no reason), it is very scary but not dangerous.
There are a couple of tricks to get ride of it, like pushing your vein in your neck to slow down the blood flow to your heart, and put the cycle back together (don’t over do it, you’ll pass out!!!). I believe it is a problem with some air (?) getting into the cyle of the blood flow to your heart, not exactly at the right time and it messes up the cycle… I am not being very clear, am I?! Sorry I can’t explain better!
Let us know MSK

They are called Palpitations. My friend only 15 years age just went to Stanford about this. They stimulate the heart to get it to race like that then they find what area of the heart is causing it & correct it. Its such an easy thing. But it’s probably not even what you describe.

You should have went to the doctor or ER room that night when it was happening so they could diagnose it right away with their machines.

Another message said that coughing gets rid of papitations sometimes, & it does.

At any rate, let us know how it goes.

Here’s hoping you do well.

Huh? Is it the fact that I got very little sleep that makes these two statements of yours make no sense?

Good luck—my mom and I both have rapid heartbeat (of course, it’s a bit more serious in her, as she’s 80). The doc may give you an echocardiogram, and/or a holter monitor, which you have to wear for 24 hours (neither of these are invasive or painful).

Hoping it may be just what my mom and I have; occasional rapid heartbeat for no apparant reason, and with no real ill effects. Remember, NO ONE has a normal heartrate 100% of the time.

Thanks, everyone. I just went to the pharmacy and used the blood pressure machine. I don’t know how reliable these things are, but I took four readings. I needed to have some peace of mind before seeing the Dr. Here are the results:

#1: Systolic 143, Diastolic 77, Pulse 69
#2: Systolic 132, Diastolic 76, Pulse 67
#3: Systolic 131, Diastolic 67, Pulse 66
#4: Systolic 118, Diastolic 67, Pulse 64

Francesca: I am HOPING that is merely anxiety, but with a thing like this, I know it should be checked out immediately by a Dr. I would rather error on the side of caution. FWIW, I wasn’t thinking about anything that would have caused me anxiety or a panic attack, last night.

As it was happening last night, I counted my pulse rate a few times, and it was averaging about 62. I tried some breathing patterns, and that seemed to help calm the sensation a little, but as soon as I stopped the patterns, it went right back to throb-o-rama. FYI, I have no history of heart problems. As a matter of fact, whenever I have had medical screenings, they always ask if I work out or exercise and compliment me on my BP & pulse. So, I defintely know what ever is happening to me is not normal.

I am seeing the Dr. at 1:30 pm. It is 11:30am for me, as I post this. 2 hours feels like eternity.

Chances are it is nothing serious based on your brief description. Good luck at the doctor.

Dr_Pap, MD

Crazy things happening withour bodies have the uncanny ability to completely freak us out. No matter what the verdict, good or not… you have all our support and love. Try not to stress untill there is something “real” to stress about. (((((((((((MSK))))))))))) Take care Hun

Okay, I just got home from the Doctor…

I AM IN PERFECT HEALTH! Wheeeeeeeeeee! :smiley:

What a relief!!

He said my heart sounded fine, BP is fine, pulse is fine. Everything is fine. I told him all the details of what I experienced, and his diagnosis is:

anxiety/panic attack!

I have had three previous panic attacks this year, BUT, all of them were outside of my home, in highly social situations.

This was the first time I have ever had one, at home, all alone, for no obvious reason. That’s why I didn’t recognize it as an anxiety attack, and thought something was terribly wrong.

In retrospect, it all makes sense now. I had a rough day yesterday. It was one of those days where anything seems like it can awry, does go awry. By the time I went to bed, I was no longer thinking of about any of it. However, all the stress must have built up in me, like shaking a pop bottle, and finally subconsciously/physically popped my top.

He gave me some medication to take care of it.


Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts. I appreciate it, very much. I hope I didn’t alarm anyone. Please forgive my overly-concerned OP. When one doesn’t understand what is happening to oneself, it’s easy to freak out.

BTW: I have a friend who also gets panic attacks. She gets them for no reason at all, and has to take meds daily for them.

OK, I only have one question now. What is a “highly social situation?”

An orgy?

(I’d panic too.)
MSK - I shall drink to your continued good health this evening. Cheers. :slight_smile:

The first panic attack I had was at a party.
The second one I had was at a nightclub.
The third one I had was at church.

Yeah, I had one of those once, when I had to go to a Boy Scout meeting for my stepson. Held in a Methodist church. Everyone here know what the Methodist symbol is? A cross wrapped in fire. Yay. Two things that scare the hell out of Pagans. :smiley:

Glad you’re gonna be ok, MSK. I was gonna say, a 62 pulse rate? I wish. Mine runs around 80, 85 (yes, that’s RESTING). Totally freaks my doc out.


“They are called Palpitations. … But it’s probably not even what you describe.”

palpitation:to beat rapidly and strongly.

My friend had a heart beat of 250 beats per minute. Thats what I mean, I don’t think he has what is described as what my friend has, & im right too.

Hey, MSK – glad to hear all is well!