I Am Watching The NIT Semifinal And These Guys Suck

Man, it’s clear they’re playing for 66th best in show. 27-23 UNC over Rhode Island with 2:16 in first half. Bricks all around, crappy passing, crappy foul shooting, both teams well under .500 from the floor.

Why do they bother with the NIT


I left out a terminal question mark – but how is this the wrong forum?

Another reason we don’t need to expand the NCAA tournament.

I am so with you. No 16 seed has ever won. Yet me need to extend to a . . . 24 seed?

For “me,” substitute “we.”

Be thankful you’re not watching the CBI–they’re playing for 98th.

The NIT used to mean something before it became the “didn’t make the NCAA Tournament” tournament. They used to be played at different times, allowing for the unbeatable anomaly of CCNY winning both the NCAA and NIT in 1950, when the NIT was arguably the more prestigious tournament.

Just FTR, the NCAA does not have the best 65 teams in the country. At large berths are never the 16th seed, they are the conference champions from the weakest conferences. The teams that are the 16th seed, would likely become the 24th seed in the tournament expands to 96.

Actually that would give the lowest seeds a chance to win a tournament game as they would play the 9th seed in the first game.

The watered down competition is just one of the many reasons expansion will be horrible.

Personally I hate the first round bye even more. One of the best things about the tournament is its fairness. Everyone has to win the same number of games. If a mid major manages to upset a top seed, they take their path. The first round bye plan takes all of that away. Everything comes down to the biased seeding, nothing is fair, teams play different number of games… blah.

Old Dominion, for example, was clearly better than Notre Dame, but due to bias was seeded lower. It didn’t matter, because they got to play them. Now it will matter a ton because one gets a first round bye.

It’s been commented that the only people interested in the NIT are gamblers who are so far down in the hole that they need a good showing in both their NCAA *and *NIT brackets to break even.

It used to be argued that coaches whose jobs were on the line welcomed getting an NIT slot since it saved them for another season. However, I don’t even think that’s the case anymore.

You didn’t. That’s why I took out my post. My bad!


I disagree. If we expand to 128 and everybody plays the first game, then we are back to 64 in one day. Not a big deal, but gate money for some teams that don’t get much.