I ate moldy bread...Ahhhh!

So, I inadvertantly ate some moldy bread, funny it tatsed ok. Now, can this stuff hurt me? Or will it just cure some minor infections?

Before we can answer your question, we’ll need more details. Wheat, white or rye? Toasted or plain? Peanie-budder and jam or baloney? Mustard, mayonnaise, butter or margarine?

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Are you dead yet?

I did this once.

I got a mild but very unpleasant bout of food poisoning. I didn’t hurl, but I spent most of a day wanting to.

Just wanted you to know what you’re in for. BTW, syrup of ipecac does work.

Sorta disproves your handle, what? Get well soon!


It can be nasty if you are allergic to penicillin. A friend who had such an allergy accidentally ate some moldy bread. He hurled so violently, he burst the capillaries in his cheeks. After that, he was fine - just a little red-faced from the whole incident.

Hope all this reasures you Omni

Lots of fungi are as benign as lots of the bacteria we carry all the time (you probably don’t want to know about that), my advice is that if you get really sick, go to the ER, if you feel like hurling, induce it. Let us know how it comes out :wink:

Oh, you’ll be fine. That’s what stomach acid is for. My husband says I’ll kill him yet.

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T+ 05:22:32 and no signs of unpleasant side effects. I…I…I hope th…th…that I d…d…don’t get any of…f…f…f the…those nasty side eff…ff…ff…ects. N…N…No one mentioned…d…d uncontr…tr…trollable stuttering!

Ha! Yup, you’re a goner!

Actually, the molds that grow on bread are mostly not the same molds that make penicillin. What you just gobbled down was little more than a healthy dose of protein.

Consider it to be part of a nutritous breakfast…

(Of course, depending on what part of the country you live in, it could have been…nah, we won’t even think about that. The hallucinations stop after only a few hours, anyway.)

You were on time about casting aspersions; I hope you’re not having any inflamitory responses to the mold.

Don’t worry too much Omniescient, my mother always used to say that anything that doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger, and you ain’t dead yet. :slight_smile:

It only hurts when I laugh.

Where’s teen hippie on this one, one of the active parts of LSD grows on moldy rye bread.

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Not to frighten you or anything, but was the mold black? Never eat black mold. If I remember my microbiology correctly, black mold is usually a nasty little thing called Aspergillus; it’s very poisonous. Don’t inhale it either- that can kill you too. :slight_smile:

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Ergots, from which LSD is produced, as well as numerous other pharmaceutically useful substances (anyone remember Delysid?) grows on the rye plant itself. I dunno if you can get ergots off of rye bread - seems it would be too processed or something, but this is just a WAG.

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Got all that omni? don’t cast aspersions on asparagus, don’t speak in argot,hold your breathe till your black in the face and you’ll be OK. Oh , do save a sample like cmetzb said it will come in handy at the autopsy.

You should know if you eat anything your body does not like within 72 hours or so.

Good luck!

We haven’t heard from the all knowing one since shortly after mid-night thurs! Do you suppose he’s with his maker getting answers to all of our questions? R.I.P.