I barbecue whoever made this stupid, racist anti-Obama e-mail

I understand that there are lots of non-racist, reasonable people out there who think that Hillary Clinton or John McCain would be a better president than Barack Obama. I disagree, but I’m fine with them.

This, on the other hand, is despicable.

It lacks the sole redeeming virtue of most racist filth: laziness. Probably even the best of us can indulge in racial stereotyping in an unthinking, offhand way. But the piece of trash who took the trouble to import a man’s family picture into Photoshop or whatever and carefully vandalize it with a set of calculated, known lies is in a class to himself for sleaze.

What goes through the head of a person who does this? The cleanest, most innocent explanation is the troll’s thrill: he doesn’t expect to be believed, or to influence the election, but he gets a charge out of the anticipation of making people mad. That’s childish and stupid, but not fundamentally different from other kinds of trolls.

Or is this rapist of group portraits so monumentally deluded as to imagine he’s helping Obama’s GOP rival win? (The gratuitous dig at the Clintons rules out the vandal’s being a Hillary supporter, I think). In his neo-Nazi, Stormfront, KKK mental atmosphere, does he imagine that there is anybody in all America who is ready at this moment to punch the card for Obama but will change his mind upon seeing Obama’s family slandered as jailbirds, fugitives and crack addicts? Does he not understand that the kind of person who would fall for this hoax would never vote for Obama, or any black man in a million years, while the majority of decent people, on seeing this travesty, are if anything more likely to vote for Obama out of sympathy for a victim of such disgusting tactics?

Or is he just the kind of “nationalist” that Orwell so beautifully pegged all those years ago: “those who rewrite history do probably believe with part of their minds that they are actually thrusting facts into the past. . . . [T]hey feel that their own version was what happened in the sight of God, and that one is justified in rearranging the records accordingly.” Did this moron believe that by spreading these lies, he could somehow make them true? That he could look into the face of a total stranger, dislike his victim’s color, and with a few mouseclicks and keystrokes transform his entire life history into one that accorded with a set of asshat prejudices?

Some people would look at this picture and laugh it off. Maybe they’re right to do so. I’m not sure why it evokes such a deep anger in me. Maybe I have just such a set of repellent personality traits as the vandal has, locked away somewhere below the crocodilian protion of my brain, and the anger response is subconsciously intended to keep those traits buried where they belong.

The photo has not been retouched at all, someone has just stuck a false caption under it.

Photoshop has nothing to do with this. This is exactly the same thing as all the other bullshit emails flying around about Obama. Despicable as it is, it has no more or less irredeemable qualities as any of the others.

Christ, it’s not even funny. Yeah, ha ha, all black people are crack addicts or in jail. Whew! That’s like, the most hilarious stereotype ever. I mean, those are like the most square-looking people ever, to begin with. “Timmy” is wearing an argyle vest for Christ’s sake. Oooh, and the Africans in front have funny names! Ho ho hee hee ha ha! Funny names are funny! Those negroes sure do have funny names!

Some people should just be hit over the head with a mallet.

I just misread that as a very appropriate fish-slap selection for racists.

The photo has one tiny redeeming feature: I read Dreams of My Father about a year ago and always wondered what these people looked like, and I didn’t know there were any pictures circulating. But this is racism of the very stupidest kind.

And it is but the tip of the iceberg. If members of the GOP were willing to make the false claim that McCain had a mixed race child out of wedlock just to shore up W’s chances in 2000, then they’ll pretty much do anything they possibly can to keep Obama from winning.

This is what makes me find the people complaining about the things the Clinton camp says so damned annoying. Nothing the Clintons will do can compare to what GOP hacks will do to keep either Obama or Hillary from winning the White House. The ugly hasn’t even begun to be flung.

Well, maybe you should wait until it is before you start making accusations. Especially since you have no idea who did this one.

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God help me, I laughed at “Washeteria.”


Tee-hee (I’m going to hell).

What’s so bad is the perpetrator could have gotten in a “Kezia ‘Kizzie’ Obama” reference, had he not been trying so hard.

I agree with Tuckerfan, “The ugly hasn’t even begun to be flung.”

I think Hillary thought it was her turn and she had this thing sewn up, until Barrak surfaced.

Clinton’s don’t like to lose, and they think they are made of Teflon, nothing will stick to them.

I expect that their denials (should it pan out thusly) to be just about as credible as, “I did not have sex with that woman!”

(NO, I’m not saying it was from the Hillary campaign, I’m just conjecturing. After all, no one is going to own up to this. And besides conjecturing is fun.)

Absolutely, Tuckerfan. I mean, the Dems have already tried to call into question McCain’s residency status, for heaven’s sake, not to mention the return of all the accusations of McCain being a traitor, so I’m fully expecting the attack shit from the left to be flung extra hard this campaign season.

Oh, wait, that’s not what you were saying at all, was it?

It’s really not as bad as it could have been. Keep in mind that the people who do this shit also hate McCain too.

It’d be ten time worse if there were a Republican candidate that the racists could really get behind. I’ll take “Obama is a nigger and McCain can suck my dick too” over “Obama is a nigger and I’m proudly voting George R. McAmerican for President of the United States.”

shrug Someone slapped a stupid wannabe-racist caption on a photo of the Obama family. That lack of effort deserves a lack of outrage.

No reasonably intelligent person would take it seriously anyway.

It was pretty hilarious.


Actually, I do remember that SOMEONE did, though I don’t think it was ever proven it was anyone officially connected to either Dem campaign. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and some folks were saying that that means he’s not a natural-born citizen and therefore not eligible to be president. As far as I can remember, this came out before McCain was the confirmed nominee, so it very well could have come from a fellow Republican, for all we know.

I’d also heard rumblings about Obama being born in the Kingdom of Hawaii and therefore not being eligible, either. But Obama was born in 1961, two years after statehood, and the story was being spread by a Hawaiian separatist group who claims that Hawaii is still a sovereign kingdom, only falsely usurped by the US.

Ah, there we go…it was something that was in the general buzz in February, not floated by any specific campaign or party, and was actually being legally fact-checked by McCain’s campaign. It’s a perennial conundrum that comes up pretty much when anyone who wasn’t actually born within the official borders of a US state runs for president. It came up when Goldwater (who was born in Arizona territory) ran, it came up when George Romney (Mitt’s dad, who was born in Mexico of American citizen parents) ran.

Personally, in my layperson’s opinion, sanguinary citizenship is as valid as place citizenship. If either of your parents was an American citizen (born or naturalized) at the time of you birth, so are you, for all intents and purposes.

The only place I’ve heard of those popping up were in the GOP South Carolina primary. It could very well have come up other places, but that’s the only one I know of.

I don’t care about McCain’s residency status and I don’t think he is a traitor. He is, IMHO, a sanity challenged old guy who is not by any stretch of the imagination qualified to be President of the USA except by comparison to GW Bush. By that standard, nearly anyone would qualify, including most illegal immigrants. Doesn’t mean the crazy old bastard won’t win, though.

Don’t forget, some are gay porn stars! :eek: