i believe that the Howard Hughes article is too biased.

i believe that the Howard Hughes article is too biased.
i would like to point out that Howard Hughes so called “spruce goose”(he did not like this name. was ingeniously designed the fact that it was built out of wood is a huge feat by anyone’s standards. while he may have felt a tremor i doubt it was the sole cause for only a single flight. you must take into consideration this plane was the modern equivalent to a space shuttle it had not been done before and it was huge. also i do not believe that it is verry straight forward to say he was insane because it is a verry subjective word. Mr. Hughes had many plane crashes as he did test his own aircraft. he consequently had much pain and probably took way too much meds. also it has been theorised that he was OCD. wich at the time was not a recognised disorder but it is however a disorder.

i believe that this article does not portray Mr Hughes in the correct circumstance of the time of the H-4. this man was a genius airplane inventor, designer, innovator,and the best best pilot America has ever bore.

may i also remind you that he formed the basis of modern flight concepts.
flying above the weather(the h-4 was made to but modern airlines do)
jet propulsion
and more
so please think of this when you are riding in your cushy airline seat on a smooth ride talking on your satellite phone. without this genius you would be riding a multi engine prop plane in massive turbulence hoping to get a signal on your cellphone.
oh not to mention you would be paying an arm and a leg because only 1 airline would do international travel because Howard Hughes is one of the few that was against the bill to set this up thus giving one company a monopoly over international flights in certain regions.

if you have issue with this point or wish to talk it out like adults please contact me at spleeeeeeeeeex1@gmail.com ( i can not figure out this forum)

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thesecondaviator–Arthur C. Clarke is the Father of the Satellite, not Mr Hughes, whatever other merits he may have possessed.

I’m surprised Cecil snickered about Hughes’ plane on the grounds that it was made of wood.

The deHavilland Mosquito bomber was made of wood; while of course nowhere near the size of the Goose it was a fast and effective WWII airplane.

Capitalization counts.

He didn’t. Read the column again, more carefully.

He didn’t. He says “I know what you’re thinking,” and then after making the mocking comments about it being made of wood, says “Shows what [you] know,” and then says “I’m not saying the design didn’t have its problematic aspects. But it wasn’t as crazy as some might believe.”