I bit my lip for the 3rd time today

3 times, you guys! In the same day!


I have a silly theory- that if you bite your lip twice in the same spot, the swelling WILL cause you to bite your lip at least one more time.

The only way you can stop it is to realize this, and be SUPER careful after that first bite. You gotta go the 24 hours w/o biting it again to delay that 3rd bite…

I feel for you. Really, I do.

Yesterday, I had the honor of being headbutted by one of our cats. He split the inside of my bottom lip. My husband and daughter were there to see it happen this time. They didn’t believe me the last time something like this happened, but now they believe.
The last time this very same cat headbutted me like this, he gave me a nosebleed.

Good thing he’s cute.

Is your cat actually a mountain lion?

Nope. Here’s a pic of him.
Mr. Brandybuck is his name.

I’m with you here - I bit my lip twice in about 30 seconds at dinner last night and chewed in slow motion for the rest of the meal.

Luckily, no third bite.

Of course, now I have this…thing…on the inside of my lip for the next two weeks.

Arrrghhh, indeed.

I’ve been going through this for weeks now. One bite and ow!, damn, that hurt! Ok, move on. But like ToeJam said, swelling set in and two hours later, chomp, I bit nearly clean through it, a slice of the inside of my mouth hanging on by a flap.

I’ll go a day or two without biting it, and it’ll fade from my awareness, and then once again, I bite down on that same damn spot. Of course, now it’s a huge mass of scar tissue bulging right into the path of my oncoming teeth, so I really have no idea how this particular little vicious cycle is going to be broken.

I may just hold my lip out when I eat. Assuming I can avoid biting it again when I’m drinking a glass of water, which I did last night inexplicably.

Just wait… heh, let us know when the 3rd bite comes along. :smiley:

With a biopsy and maybe a wisdom tooth being pulled out. Under local.

Personal experience.


He does actually look mean (well, taking into account that he’s also Basement Cat).

I go through cycles of mouth woes - sore tongue, sore cheek, sides or centre of my lip splits, just one thing after the next. You have reminded me that nothing actually hurts in my mouth at the moment - think I’ll just bask for a second or two. :slight_smile: