I bought a kitchen-redo-worthy table. Now what?

I bought the coolest table at auction. It’s the table I’ve slobbered over in all those Country Living magazines all those years–very, very old (early 1900, I think, maybe even earlier), very primitive, painted a great bottle green color, deep drawer, oh my. Lovely.
I was ready to repaint and re-do the kitchen anyway, but now I have a Purpose. And here, of course, is where Doper input is so very valuable:
The walls in the kitchen are whitish already, cabinets are kind of an ocean blue with melon orange accents. The table is a deeper color, about as deep in tone as cobalt pottery, if you know what I mean.
I can’t decide whether to go with a cream/other neutral cabinet scheme (with colored accents, probably), or something deeper and more vibrant. I do love color, and if I had any old table, I’d go with a cobalt blue on the cabinets, but now…I just don’t know! I’m all aflutter with the possibilities!
Any decorating suggestions?

I think the bottle green and ocean blue could go together very well if you can find a scheme for the walls that ties them together – or even if you make window treatments that use both colors. I would tie them together with a buttercream yellow or a paler shade of green to add some brightness. Those deep colors can overwhelm a kitchen, but they sound like they’re beautiful!

I think you should leave the cabinets as they are and focus on tying the colors together with a mixture of a bright wall color and patterned window treatments.

Sounds like you’ve got the makings of a nice mediterranean feel.