i bought a new smartphone yesterday

And boy, is it sweet! It’s an LG Sunset. It cost me a few cents shy of $100, but it is loaded. It runs Android 5.0, is GSM running on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, and has a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor with 8 GB of memory upgradeable to 32 GB with an SD card. It’s super fast. In fact, I’ve used up about 2.5 GB of data already, so I have to keep an eye on that, because that’s half my data for the month. I’m not used to how fast 4G is, since I switched from an iPhone 3GS. The battery life is pretty good, it seems to last all day on a charge. The built-in browser is pretty nice. It’s full-screen, the top and bottom bars automatically hide, but become visible again when you start to scroll.

It also has an FM radio, so suck it, Apple. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can tune in local FM without using any data.

I use Firefox Mobile for my browser, and sync it with my home computer.

There’s a spot in Settings where you can set up your own data limit/alert so you don’t go over. Sounds like you have limited data, though, so start looking for wifi spots. It takes up more battery, but you can also set up your phone to automatically connect to trusted wifi.

Glad you like your new phone. Honestly, though, coming from a 3Gs pretty much anything made in the last couple years will seem amaze-balls in comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

I have unlimited data, but they slow me down after 5GB. I’m not worried about getting cut off or being charged extra, but 2G sucks.

Ah, I missed the AT&T part. That’s why I dumped them in May, I was done with the throttling, they’ve been sued for it and are still doing it. I’ve been really happy with Sprint and have used upwards of 6 gigs a month without a word (or throttle) from them! Plus a shiny new phone of my choice every year.

I didn’t put it in my OP, but I’m on Straight Talk, not actually with AT&T. But they contract with AT&T (and Verizon) to run on their towers. My phone is only the second GSM phone they sell, although they also let customers bring their own phone. I’ve been with ST for almost three years with my iPhone I brought from AT&T and bought this phone because I wanted to stay with Straight Talk and keep the same coverage. The nice thing was $100 was the actual cost of the phone and not a subsidized price.

FM? Let us know when you make it to Pandora.

Pandora uses data. The radio doesn’t. Streaming music over the data connection also uses up the battery faster. I prefer the radio, anyway. I’d just as soon stream my local stations if I streamed anything at all.

It has 8gb internal memory, with 4gb available, which can go quickly and you’ll want to reserve for apps.
Then you can add up to a 32gb external microSD card.

I recommend you get a 32gb class 10 microSD card then go through the settings of ALL your apps and, if the option is available, make them save all data to the SDcard instead of internal memory. You mostly want to save all media (pictures, music, video) to the external, otherwise you’ll eat up that internal space faster than you’d think.

Already done. I bought a 32 gig card at the same time I bought the phone and set up the apps to transfer data to the card as soon as I put it in.

Understood. I use mine at home so no data use for pandora.

Besides, a radio is so retro. I remember when I was a kid in the 60s. I never want anywhere without a transistor radio in my pocket.

Did it have a Leatherette case with holes so you could listen right through the case?
And a cord with a thing on one end that goes in your ear and a thing on the other end that doesn’t go anywhere because it was bent?


Yup. It was a Nakashuma. The Mark 4 model. The one they discontinued.:smiley: