I bought me a Saab!

After holding on to my little Ford Ranger for 11 years, I have finally broken down and bought the car of my (affordable) dreams, an '04 Arc Convertible!

I knew I wanted a convertible and had done my homework in trying to find the ‘perfect’ one. The safety features of the Saab (6 crumple zones, Onstar, side airbags, and a steel rollbar that pops out when needed) plus the 6-disc CD player plus the turbo speed and tight road handling made it a given that this was the car for me (plus any car I buy must have 4 seats).

All the little nuances in the vehicle, from where you turn the ignition to the comma used in the odometer to the ability to drive it like a stick even though it’s an automatic just screams UNIQUE. Now that we have sunny warm weather again (after three days of miserable rain and cold) I am as giddy as a school girl to get outside and cruise with the top down. Everything about this car is just really REALLY cool.

And the wife can keep her Avalanche as I filled my tank today with only 12 gallons (of course I pay fuel for both vehicles so it will hurt anyway:smack: ).

Lucky thing! I’d kiss the dirtiest part of the ground for a second hand Volvo.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Saab! Tho I drive an Avalanche like your wife…we - my wife and I - recently purchased a Mercedes C-340.

So like your family, we enjoy a nice ride as well!


oooh my bf was looking into buying an Arc too. Not a convertible, but I was in love with it. I think mainly because of the cool ignition.

However he bought the Acura TSX, which is still a nice car. Its got a seat warmer in teh passenger side too, which the Arc didn’t.

You’ve got a lovely car there!

I dont want to shit on your parade, but the “like a stick even though it’s an auto” thing is hardly unique.

Many, many, likely nearly all at this point, automatics now have this feature. BMW, Porsche, Audi, Alfa Romeo, likely all the domestics. They all call it something different but it’s nearly all the same. Steptronic, Tiptronic, Selespeed, whatever.

(Note to car bufs, I am NOT talking about BMW’s SMG, Audi’s DSG, or any of the italian F1 variants)