I bought my iPod earphones at Boyo Jim's recommendation at...


and I couldn’t be happier. The music comes through in all the ranges I am comfortable with and the buds stay where you put them.They give you small, medium and large buds to fit just about any ear.

The buds that come with the iPod Touch are awful. They’re uncomfortable and don’t stay in your ears. Move your head and out the come. It’s so bad I always found myself wondering when the damn things would shift around, dampening the music or worse.

So I went to


saw the $39.99 price and decided to buy - but at amazon for the free shipping.

Unless you’re an advanced audiophile, these buds are for you!

Thanks, Boyo Jim!

Sorry I didn’t see this when you posted – I was looking for a reply in the earlier thread.

Glad you like them – it’s hard to tell how crappy the Apple buds are until you try a decent pair against them. Glad to be of help!

Wow- these are just what I need (and I didn’t even realize it). I ordered pink, however, and found them for $28.96 with free shipping and a $5 off coupon (www.pcmicrostore.com).

Good for you, MonaLiza.

I’m happy you found such a good deal!!

I can’t stand the Apple earbuds. I use normal over-ear head phones because the sound quality is so much better. Larger cones = better bass. But earbuds are small and convenient, while the head phones are a bit clunky. Do these earbuds you recommend have bass similar to my cheap pair of head phones? I am not an audiophile, but I need to hear that bass to be happy.

Neither am I, but if I remember correctly, Boyo Jim mentioned (in another thread) that these buds do reproduce fine bass notes. Maybe he or another audiophile will weigh in on the subject.

I’m satisfied with the tonal range, but with my hearing loss, I’m not eligible to comment.

So long as the little silicone buds seal your ear canals, bass notes will be pretty faithfully reproduced. If they buds are jostled and the seal is broken, bass response will drop right off. I don’t understand the physiology of why this happens.

I can’t comment about your cheap headphones, but the bass is like 500% percent better than the Apple-supplied buds.

Oh, and another thing, these buds are small and comfortable enough that I sometimes sleep in them. Having music pumping into my brain during sleep has given me lots of interesting and pleasant dreams.

Thanks, Jim. I might get them later, but not until I start getting paychecks again. At the moment, I have had my headphones on for 2 hours, and they are getting uncomfortable.