I bought something today from GASP! A Door To Door Sales Person

I’m in the kitchen wearing a pair of shorts when the door bell rings. I go to answer it and there is a young lady there asking if I was intrested in free pizza. This got my attention so I listened to her speil. She was selling these coupons to Pizza Hut good for 20 uses buy one pizza get one free. I realized with the amount of pizza I eat and the fact that sometimes I like Pizza Hut’s pizza I could save money with what she was selling. I also happened to have an unspent 20 from last nights concert (zootopia 2002) so I bought it from her. I then commeted that your summer job must beat selling knives and she said it does thats what she did last year!

So were you just in a pair of shorts?
No top?
No shoes?
No socks?

And the woman is selling PIZZA stuff!

Hmmm. Hot pizza. Hmmm. BIG Pizza.

Sounds like an intro to a porno to me.

(music cue)


Yea just a pair of shorts. No top, no shows, no socks, no slippers, and nothing under the shorts but skin :smiley:

I wish it was a porn intro but alas not for me. She was cute though