I bowt got my ass kicked!

Christmas brings out the best in people, it really does. Saturday, I was finishing some last minute shopping with my sister. She’s 16. We were in Gadzooks, and waiting in the ever so slow line.She was buying something, I wasn’t. So while we were waiting, she strayed over to a rack to look at something, and I stayed in the line. This spanish chick stepped into line. She walks up to the register, asked the girl a question, and then just kinda lingered in front of us. She was trying to cut in front of us! We didn’t really care that much, because she was only buying one shirt, and probably wouldn’t take long anyways. I turned to Sara and said something along the lines of “Didn’t you used to be in front of that girl that’s about to pay?” Sara just shrugged, and the girl spins around, “Excuse me? Are you talking about me??” “Well, I was just mentioning her that we used to be in front of you, and now you’re ahead of us, that’s all.” “No, she was standing over there, and you’re not in line, so I was next.” “Whatever. Who really gives a shit.” “Yeah, that’s right, whatever!” At this point, her ‘sidekick’ comes over. She couldn’t have been older than 12, no taller than 5"2. “Is there a problem?” The first girl starts talking about us in fluent spanish. Now I took 3 years of that crap. Don’t remember a damned word. For the life of me, I would’ve loved to fly back at her with something in espanol, but alas, it wasn’t happening. Sara made a remark about them not having the guts to diss us in a language we’d understand, then she’s like “Well, I can say bitch in english, can you?” The whole time, the girl’s being rude to the saleslady too. “Don’t fold that too much! I need a box! Can’t you go any faster?” I would’ve shoved the shirt in her face and told her to do it herself. The first girl looks at Sara, tells her that she’s gonna take her damed time leaving, and that she’d have to wait for her to move. The cashier goes to the other register, and tells Sara she can help her over there. The girl was all, “I’ll be waiting for you outside! You’re gonna pay for this!” So they go outside the door, still in the middle of the mall, and throw all their bags on the floor to wait for us. The saleslady made some comment about how rude they were, and me and Sara were just laughing. As we walked out the door, they were all, “Bring it on! Yeah, that’s what I thought!” We laughed all the way to the car. Yeah, Merry fuckin Christmas to you too!

'Tis the season.

Did that have to be all one paragraph?

File for future reference, dear: the magic words are “chingada” and “chinga tu madre”. :smiley: