I broke the "Unbreakable Phone"

Oh Gawd Help Me!
I’m gonna be a CLONE!:frowning:

This afternoon, I took my beloved 6 years old, dropped off a semi, kicked across a parking lot, taken into the shower and swimming pool regularly(the looks from people were awesome) sat on, ran over (by said semi) never cracked, never broken, never failed g’zone brigade phone out of my pocket. the front screen was broken.





fairwell my friend. You have served me faithfully and well, through much abuse and hardship and suffered greatly for my benefit. You will be missed sorely, as you can never be replaced, being a discontinued model. (WHY is it always the good that are taken from us so soon)



Due to a confluence of payment events and other (actual) technological disasters (water heater crapped out over the weekend) we do not have the extra money to purchase a new phone for me right away. So, with heavy heart and an abundance of dismay, I take up the abandoned [del]iclone[/del] iphone my wife used to use.

I’m taking a step away from greatness in phone technology and stepping into the grand craptastic mediocrity of “modern” phone electronics.
In other news, the weather has been positively wonderful and I start the driving portion of drivers training for my CDL later this week, so that’s good.

Welcome to the 21st century. Just buy an Otterbox or Lifeproof for your iPhone and never look back.

Casios are junk. As somebody who did cell phone tech support during the Brigade’s run, they were hardly bulletproof. I got more calls about failed keyboards on that model than any other qwerty flip.

those people didn’t abuse their phone enough then.:wink:

it was the best damn phone ever and I’m sticking to that story