I burning your Dell

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Pics & story (no reg) here

Thanks, Astro.
The ad below that article is for a free laptop. :slight_smile:

Dude! You’re gonna get third degree burns!

Note–revise plans on computer purchase. Request Damage Control options.

Nah, he was just doing a warm boot.

Go the extra cost for the motherboard fire extinguisher.
No USB add ons.

One more reason not to actually use the thing on your lap.

“The Fireman in the Dell”

Usually it’s just servers that let you hot swap the drives…

One Dell of an explosion…

Ok, so I saw that description by mousing over the picture…

You know, that’s certainly not the first time that’s ever happened to a Dell. I used to work Dell tech support and I know of at least 2 times in the two years I was there that we had a laptop battery recall due to overheating batteries catching on fire. I never thought it would look quite like that though!

Did any notice that the Dell in question belonged to one Jim Phelps?

Never buy a Mission Impossible surplus computer(This laptop will self destruct in 30 seconds…)