I burning your Nintendo!

Apparently, Nintendos at Wal*Mart rock!

From the article:


Well, to be fair WM does hire plenty of people are are, I cringe to say it, dumber than a box of rocks.

Customer brings back box full of rocks. Employee takes box, refunds customer with manager’s approval, and puts the box with the rest of the returns. Another employee takes the returns, re-shrinkwraps and re-labels everything, and re-stocks the shelves.

There was no common sense, on the part of the manager or initial employee, to set the box aside for future investigation (with the supplier) or disposal.

I’m no modern day Sherlock Holmes but doesn’t “manufacturer’s seal” and “Chinese newspaper” kind of throw up a red flag that, mmm… I don’t know, maybe the theft occured at the factory in China??
And maybe just maybe there was more than one box of rocks in that shipment?
I’m just waiting for the third box to be sold and returned and Wal-Mart to scratch their heads wondering “How did it make it back on to the shelves again?”

Possibly, but presumably if the story claims it was not just “another box of rocks” but, with emphasis, the “same box of rocks”, it suggests that there were other identifying elements that made it obvious that it was the same box as before. Remember, WM is the same company that took donations out of a Christmas toy donation bin and put them on their store shelves.

The article in the OP didn’t say it was the manufacturer’s seal, just “pulling the seal off” which could just be referring to shrink wrap.

Yeah, possibly. But I’ve seen Nintendo DS’ and they don’t normally come shrink wrapped. They have a factory seal on them keeping the box shut. And I still wonder where a Wal-Mart/American thief would get Chinese newspaper?


Does Tampa Bay have a Chinatown?


The second time the box of rocks was bought, it was the same box as the the first one. That’s why the article was underscoring that fact. WM put the box back on the shelf after a customer had brought it back because the merchandise had been stolen, presumably at the manufacturers.

That has to be the single worst ‘Shop job I’ve ever seen in a news article. Just sayin’.